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Important lessons in the book night?

what are some life lessons that people could get out of reading the book Night by Elie Wiesel? i need to write and essay on this tonight and i have some ideas but i’m not sure if they are the best. thanks in advance for the help! User tags:innocence of the dog pdfthe enocence of […]

Im writing an essay About New Moon and i need 3 life lessons that the reader is taught does anyone know any?

Ok. I have an essay due Monday and i really need help to know what the three life lessons that the author (stephanie Meyer) is trying to teach the reader in the novel New Moon (twilight saga). sugesstions would be really helpful. Like i dont want anything like dont date a vampire. I need something […]

Can kids learn lessons from rated r movies?

i am doing a persuasive essay and i need people to answer yes or no and possibly a reason for a statistic and a fact so please help me out!

How can i start an lessons ive learned essay?

You might consider writing the body of the essay and then the introduction. This works because you now know what you need to introduce, rather than writing your introduction and having your body live up to your introduction.Make sure you include a couple of important lessons you’ve learned, thir importance and why they are important, […]

How to balance soccer, school work, homework, french, and piano lessons?

Okay so 1. I play soccer. I love it, it’s so much fun. I play AYSO to condition myself for school team tryouts in January. Practices are Tuesday 6-8 pm. Games are Saturday usually around 3 – 4:30 pm.2. Of course I go to school, dur. I have to maintain my A average. This of […]

What is a good title for my essay on Life Lessons?

I’m doing my essay on the life lessons learned by Arthur in The Once and Future King. Any ideas on a title that represents lessons you learn through out your life?

The Lessons of the Holocaust about Human Behavior?

I have an essay about the Holocaust and Human Behavior and what it taught me!it also says about what influences human behavior.I need help!

Do you think Disney Movies teach good or bad lessons/ morals?

why or why not? tell me what you think. i need to write a persuasive essay on this topic.