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According to the law, what element enables the FBI/US Attorney General to investigate local/state cases?

Trayvon Martin was walking through a neighborhood in Florida when self-appointed neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman shot and murdered him. Although Trayvon died, Zimmerman said he only murdered him for self-defense reasons. Because of the Florida’s expanded self-defense law, Zimmerman is innocent. The FBI and the US Attorney General announced that they would investigate the case. […]

Do I use English or American spelling when referring to an American law?

I want to refer to ‘Defense of Marriage Act’ in my essay. I live in England. Do I spell defence as ‘defense’ because it’s American or ‘defense’ as defence because I’m British?

Help on the Islamic Sharia Law?

I have to write an essay on Islamic Sharia Law for Legal Studies. Anyone know any good sites where there’s a list of the Islamic Sharia Laws? I need to:- find out about the moral/spiritual values. – identify any broad principles- give examples of specific laws – write about the punishment for breaking these laws- […]

What does the term ‘as amended’ mean in law. for example, Computer Misuse Act 1990 as amended.?

I’m doing an essay about the Computer Misuse Act 1990 as amended and the Fraud Act 2006. Any help will be much appreciated

A question about Victorian marital law?

I read somewhere that, like today, a woman in the Victorian era could take legal action against a man who left them at the altar or retracted their proposal; is this true? I can’t find any evidence to support it and I need it for an essay. User tags:the approach to criticism that answers the […]

How is the Magna Carta the predecessor to constitutional law?

We recently went over essays in my world history class and as a result I must write a 5-paragraph-minimum essay on why the Magna Carta is the predecessor to constitutional rights. I’m not asking for an essay but ideas, I’ve been trying to write it and end up repeating the same things over and over.I […]

What are some reasons to enforce international law?

I need reasons for a law essay due tomorrow, thanks a lot!

LNAT test for Law- tips please!?

Hi,I am taking my LNAT test for Law at the end of this week and would like some tips. I do find the multiple choice section quite hard- any tips.And tips on the essay section please? Are you supposed to show both sides of the argument like you would in a history assessment when they […]

What is your opinion of Bastiat’s essays on law, government, and economics?

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Can anyone help me with Agency Law?

I need to write an essay style answer as to how Agency is significant in a business but I don’t know where to start. Can anyone recommend any good websites that I could look at?