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Colleges require two years of foreign language?

I know how to speak Korean fluently and I want to write that on the essay that you need to hand in to apply for college. But I heard I can’t do that since I technically didn’t take two years of a foreign language from school… Is that true? Can I not write that I […]

I have to read a nonfiction book for my AP Language and Composition class.?

I’m not much of a nonfiction reader so i could use some help picking the best book. Also, it has to be from this list below, any suggestions?Baldwin, James. Notes of a Native Son Berry, Wendell. What Are People For? Bikerts, Sven. The Gutenberg Elegies Caputo, Philip. A Rumor of War Darwin, Charles. The Descent […]

Persuasive Essay, Foreign language class.?

My topic is that my middle school should teach a foreign language. I have three reasons that are okay, but I would like better ones. The first reason I have is decent and I don’t want to change it. It is that a foreign languages provides better job opportunities. The other two I have are:It […]

Help with a language arts question?

Could someone pick out the bias in this selection and then write a conclusion for the essay?This is some of the most outlandish, unbelievable pet information yet. Some cat owners actually arranged an expensive wedding for their pets. Spending an outlandish $16,000, one cat owner, Wichan Jaratarcha, hosted a feline wedding at an expensive discotheque […]

How can I master the English language?

English is a second language for me, and I think my English speaking and writing skills are average. I am great at spelling and pronouncing but my writing is just terrible! My writing skills is sub-par…I get frustrated at not being able to express what I want to convey in essays,pargraphs etc… I want to […]

Small essay on the seasons in france in french language?

This is something you are going to have to do on your own. I’ll give you a hint that the seasons are le printemps, l’ete, l’automne et l’hiver. if you get stuck do what everyone one else does and use a translator website. Try: [external link] …Though I would recommend actually learning some French. lol

How can i be beter at english language and writing essays and answers for scoring higher marks in board exams?

Try reading different types of short stories.. often you pick up little styles and ways of putting things that you would never have used before. Look for things like how the author uses different types of adjectives in different scenario’s, how they change the pace of their writing for effect, how they structure the writing […]

What type of figurative language do you think this sentence would be”?

“nothing can change that, she is burned behind my eyes”this is in the poem Song of Napalm by Bruce Weigl and he is speaking of seeing a little girl die, he is saying that the image of the girl is imprinted on his mind but in order to use this in my essay im writing […]

How can we develop the different language skills through language and literature testing?

along the specific topics:methods of testing1. communication skills a. listening b. speaking c. reading d. writing2. language skills a. vocabulary b. grammar c. pronunciation3. cloze tests4. Essay tests

How to learn an essay in a foreign language off by heart?

Hi, I have my mocks tomorrow, and the first exam is irish. I have typed up a sample answer that i will have to recite in the exam. Im wondering what the best way to learn it off by heart is? BTW, its in irish