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Someone knows about the symbolization on Dumbo’s movie.. I need to write an essay please i need details?

I need to write an essay about the symbolization of Dumbos movie (disney) please help me is a very important essay and I never write something like that. Also my big problems is that i don’t find any symbolization on Dumbo’s movie, just what is obvious about the discrimination because of its ear, but my […]

Im writting an essay on macbeth…and i need help…someone who knows the story of macbeth by heart!..plz?

i really need help…so can anyone help me out…i kinda need to be able to email, cus i really do need help…i almost cried during class beacause im so lost and confused :[ plz help thanx

Can someone who really knows shakespeare PLEASE HELP ME!?

i need someone to really just write this thesis for me . or give me some main points to put in my thesis. its on sonnet 73. th goal of the essay is to write an argumentative essay on what shakespeare is trying to say about the topic without summarizing the sonnet. the interpretation of […]

Please someone who knows English essays?

Does anyone know what the 3rd paragraph of meeting of oppression is in martin Luther kings essay?

I was wondering if anyone knows English comp. 111 grammar rules well enough to proof read my 1st essay?

I’m enrolled in Advanced Placement Senior English, I tutor other high school students in English, and I’m the editor-in-chief of my school newspaper. Credible enough? E-mail me regarding your essay!