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Im doing an essay on amsterdam do you know any sites or any information about amsterdam that could help me?

anything realytheenx!

Does anyone know what the legislation and codes of practise for Teachers are?

This is for a final essay due on Friday. Thanks so much for anyone’s help!

My friend is obsessed with a teacher, and I don’t know how to help her….?

So I have this friend who I’ve known for a few years now- we both go to the same school, and we’re both in the same tight friend group. She’s a quiet person, and really shy, but since I know her really well, I know that she’s incredibly intelligent and at times outgoing and weird.About […]

Please help! i am writing an four paragraph and i dont know what to write each paragraph on the essay is on?

Would it be right to a build an affordable housing development to help the homeless, if it meant destroying an endangered wildlife refuge? and i dont know what i should include in each of thanks so much!

Can you telll me everything i need to know about Shay’s Rebellion?

I have to write a miniunm of 4pg essay on the topic Shays Rbellion and ii need enough info to write about. my weakest sub is History so if ne1 can help me i would really appreciate it thank u sooo much!

Is my “Life” essay any good? please let me know?

hello! ok this is a essay that I have written. Please let me know what you think!please don’t comment on the grammar, I haven’t edited it yet! its a very rough draft! thanks!………………………………..… Life can be difficult Life is a very difficult thing, you live, but it could be over in a split second. I […]

Hello. I need to write an essay of the cherry uk market. I need to know how are the cherries in the market!?

If it’s sold with packaging, or in a bulk, or loose. If the packaging has labels of the brands, etc..

Does anyone know any information about Charles Derry, a professor of film?

I’ve written a media essay to do with horror film trailers and mentioned Charles Derry and how he put horror into 3 sub genres. When my teacher marked it she wanted me to write more about Charles Derry himself, but I can’t find any information anywhere!

I know that state schools try to accept in-state residents, but would living in a “unique” state help me?

I live in RI and recently applied to Ohio State and UW-Madison. Generally, it’s more difficult for an out-of-state resident to get into state schools than it is for in-state residents. However, I know that very few Rhode Islanders apply to far-away schools. Universities generally want to be able to say, “we have students from […]

Im writing an essay About New Moon and i need 3 life lessons that the reader is taught does anyone know any?

Ok. I have an essay due Monday and i really need help to know what the three life lessons that the author (stephanie Meyer) is trying to teach the reader in the novel New Moon (twilight saga). sugesstions would be really helpful. Like i dont want anything like dont date a vampire. I need something […]