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Help with good Vietnam and Iraq topics for English essay?

my english teacher is having our class write about any topic on the Vietnam and Iraq war. I need help finding a good topic. User tags:write an essay in which you persuade your local townspeople that a certain new law should be put into place in your essay provide an explanation of the law you […]

Causes why the United States became involved in the Iraq War.?

I am asking this question because have to write an essay for my English class but all the topics have to do with history and i never paid attention in history class.

Why the Iraq War occured..?

I have to do an essay on the Iraq and Vietnam war. I can’t find much on the Iraq war though. Why did the Iraq war happened, I need to know why it happened, how it happened, and whats going on with it right now. Please Help if you know anything. Thanks

What is a good title for a persuausive essay about the positive effects of the war in Iraq?

“If You Can’t Pick Your Battles, Pick Your Battlefields.”

Are there weapons of mass destruction in Iraq?

Doing an essay and need help