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Anorexia I was wondering if anyone had some info on anorexia. I have an expository essay due Sunday.?

I have 1089 words and need up to 1600. I have researched and keep finding the same info I already have like causes, treatment, the medias affect, etc… So maybe someone has something different or knows how to incorporate more info without it sounding boring as if I keep repeating myself.

Mabel Bassett info?

I need information on a woman named Mabel Bassett. not the correctional center in oklahoma, that’s all I get when i search for information. I need it over the actual person it was named after! websites or actual things would help. i’m doing a 5 paragraph essay

Well im doing a essay in my english class on presuading but i need help look at the details for info thanks?

well im doing a essay in my english class on presuading.The topic of my essay is the legalization of marijuana but i need some tips like for example how does it help our bodies in medical use and such just give me any info that will help me please. Yea im a user of it […]

Which nonfiction film should I watch and can you provide me some info about it as I list the nonfiction films?

Which nonfiction film should I watch and can you provide me some info about it as I list the nonfiction films?Hello as you may know… it is vacation and surely most schools have vacation homework -.- which is ok I guess. I have to watch a nonfiction film and write about it but don’t know […]

Any one has any idea where to get info on A.G. Gardiner? ?

An essayist by the pen name of Alpha Of The Plough?

Where can find info on machiavelli if his gov. ideas are still vald today?

hi i have an essay on the idea of goverment of machivaelli and if it is still relevant in today world’s….(don’t tell me to search on free essay website pls)

Need help finding info for essay-woodrow wilson?

the Prompt: Woodrow Wilson’s pre-war isolation as well as his crusade to make the world safe for democracy both reflect America’s ideology. Discuss.i need help finding information on this and any ideas/thoughts related to the prompt at all? thanks


I have to write a cause and effect essay for school on a ruler. However, I tried to pick Cleopatra, and I can’t find any information on her on the internet. The websites have to be a truthful, and must have a source saying who wrote them. I could have any ruler, but I can’t […]

I have an essay due tomorrow on a paraguayan christmas and new year’s give as much info as possible!?

Like the food they eat, what they call santa and what santa does,what do they do to celebrate it,do they have special sayings,PLEASE HELP?

Any info on Asylum Seekers in Scotland? read more…?

So I’ve got an essay due in tomorrow about Asylum Seekers in Scotland. It has to be about Asylum Seekers, not immigrants, and it can’t be about Asylum Seekers from Afghanistan. Search engines and Scotland Against Racism etc isn’t really useful. I know I’ve left it to the last minute, and I know I shouldn’t […]