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What are some ideals that are shared in the U.S Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence, & The Magna Carta?

instead of the B.O.R it can be the English Bill of Rights,and instead of the D.O.I it can be the Decleration of the Rights of Man and CItizens its for my history essay.i need to make a thesis statement to go along w/ it.his ex thesis statement was*Ideal “BLAHBLAHBLAH” was established in modern western political […]

Need help on US History Declaration of Independence essay Question?

A) Take apart the basic ideas in the first three paragraphs of the Declaration of Independence.B) What does it say? Whose philosphy was it primarily based on and what did this philosphy argue? What were his points in detail?C) How did Jefferson slightly change the three basic rights and which part of the original draft […]

What is the significance of the Magna Carta and its influence on Declaration of Independence?

i need help for my AP Euro essay, any help?

Declaration of independence from meat?

i wrote a 2 page essay on it…does that title sound O.K.? if not, any comments?

Have americans lived up to the ideals expressed in the Declaration of independence?

what does the d/I mean when it talks about liberty, life, and pursuit of happiness.. Also what exactly does the d/I cover and what are the rules on it? School essay need opinions!

I want essay on independence day in hindi language?

I want essay in hindi language

1. As nations in Africa gained independence from colonial powers, some made relatively smooth transitions to?

1. As nations in Africa gained independence from colonial powers, some made relatively smooth transitions to self-rule while others experienced violence and upheaval. In some nations, the violence continues even today. What might have been done to help those nations transition to self-rule peacefully? Write a short essay that sets forth ideas on ways that […]

Taiwan’s Independence? For an Essay…?

Is Taiwan part of mainland China?I have to write an essay arguing that Taiwan is part of China.However, I can only actually think of ONE reason… which is:Taiwan had never officially “broke off” from China.I need 2 or 3 more reasons. Could somebody help me? Or find me a certain website that could help? Please?

Can anyone please read my ‘declaration of independence’?

Ok heres what my teacher told me to do:You may want independence from work, your parents, school, your brothers or sisters, pop music, fashion clothes, bad summer movies, your friends, or a bad habit; the list is endless. Find your despotic dictator and write your declaration against him, her, or it. When you have completed […]

INDIA before independence?

i want short essay on INDIA before independence