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Important lessons in the book night?

what are some life lessons that people could get out of reading the book Night by Elie Wiesel? i need to write and essay on this tonight and i have some ideas but i’m not sure if they are the best. thanks in advance for the help! User tags:innocence of the dog pdfthe enocence of […]

Why is it important to get young people to vote and become politically engaged?

currently writing an essay and looking for some more ideas.

How to restore work from microsoft works. Quick this is very important!?

I was working on a thousand word essay and was nearly done when Microsoft works crashed. It said that thing…send/don’t send error report. It took me ages and now I’m really annoyed! Is there a way of getting this work back apart from typing it up again? Thanks Btw…I didnt save it which I know […]

Why is it important to treat people with respect and consideration and what are dangers that come?

with discriminationi have to write an essay. Im almost finished but i need it to be a little longer Any ideas?

Why is statute law important?

I have to write an essay about it, I have a few points: It’s called Act of Parliament and this law is superior towards all other laws and it explains the laws and constitutionmy previous similar question was [external link] and I guess that statute law is the most important source of the UK constitution […]

Telling a story about an important issue in today’s society though pictures and/or sounds?

i am supposed to tell a story about an important issue in today’s society through pictures and/or sounds(graphic/photo essay/ visual presentation/music).does anyone know what i could do for this?

Why is studying the other habitable or possibly habitable planets important?

I’m writing an essay and I need at least three reasons why it’s important to study habitable planets. I would greatly appreciate any applicable reasons you can give me.Thank you in advance

How important are essays for admission to Yale?

The rest of my application, while within the ranges for the average student, is not stellar. I was not offered an interview. However, my essays came out quite splendidly. They definitely define me as a person and my English teacher even remarked that they were the best she has ever read.How much stock do you […]

How can I prove that freedom is important?

I’m writing an essay, and part of my prompt asks to use a PERSONAL experience to prove why freedom is important. Can you give me an example of a personal experience that can prove that freedom is important?

How important as a cause of WWI was imperial rivalry?

i am doing an 8 mark history essay on the question “how important as a cause of WWI was imperial rivalry” and i am stuck on how important it really was on the conclusion bit can anyone help?