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Persuassive essay topic ideas?

I’m in 8th grade and I need to write a persuasive essay…I’m having trouble with what to write about. I want something original, yet strong enough(not like trying to get someone to give me a dollar lol) The only topic I have as possibilities are:Anorexia and bulimiaanimal rightsand child labor/sweat shopsCan you guess please help […]

Essay Title ideas based on Marie Antoinette and Fashion?

I am writing an essay about Marie Antoinette for my fashion course but I am unsure of a title or starting point. Please help!

What are some essays I can write about? Any ideas? Easy 10 points. Realistic Things!?

Summerlover had a lot of good ideas, as did everyone else. You could write about how fashion has changed over time and maybe describe what impacts those changes. You could write about how fashion changes with age, which could be quite interesting considering the world we live in now. Or you could write about what […]

I am writing a essay on “The Truman’s show” so, can anybody help get some ideas what to write. Thanks?

I think a very intersting angle would be to elaborate on the religious symbolism which has been embedded into the movie…for example:Truman Show – “True Man” (Gnosticism)…the characters names ex: Christoff…from “Christ” but their name is meant in a derogatory way, Moses (Bible name),Sophia, Laura (means of the woods = Gnosticism)the show itself = about […]

College Essay Help and Ideas?

The other day my professor gave us an essay to write and argue. The topic: Participating in national and popular culture is not compatible with religious faith. Any ideas or examples to a certain side?

Need some ideas on an essay for my Philosophy class?

I have to write an essay for school here’s the topic: Is it better for a society when people act as individuals rather than copying the ideas and opinions of others? I just need some ideas on where to take this..

Common app essay option 2 possible topic ideas?

Looking through the prompts to write on, I chose option 2 because my writing style would work well with this. The prompt is “Discuss some issue of personal, local, national, or international concern and its importance to you.” I can’t really thing up some ideas on what type of issue. Help? Thanks in advanced.


Hey guys. so I HAVE TO do an essay on a art work, that deals with the rights of woman in society.. it can be, a painting, sculpture, musical, a movie, anything u can think of!.. I know its a relatively easy theme, but i JUST WANT to hear ideas from you guys!< if u […]

Some ideas for introduction of an essay?

1) What do you think of sending some humaniterian help to a countrythat is suffering form a natural disaster?2)Would it be a good idea to adopt an orphan instead of having your own biological child?I’m suppose to wirte 5 paragraph eassay ( Comparing and Contrast ) for them and don’t know what to do? Thanks […]

I am writing a narrative essay for my english class i need some ideas for it about a valuable lesson learned?

The day began like any other day; I showed up at the small, family owned mulch business I work for around 8:00 A.M. and walked in the office to examine what kind of work was lined up for the day. Staring at me was a stack of deliveries I needed to make. I started my […]