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Honors college essay writing?

I have been having trouble with my honors college appication. An essay is needed that answers these questions: Why have you decided to apply to the honors scholars program? What do you hope to gain from participation in it? What do you have to contribute to it?I already wrote an essay for them with this […]

Chances of admission to ASU Barrett Honors College?

Recently applied for regular decision. I am a senior in high school. I attended a private prep school for 3 years before transferring to a public school for senior year. Some stats:3.5 unweighted gpa560 on critical reading sat650 math sat27 act5 AP classesABOR (AIMS) free tuition scholarship I know my gpa and test scores are […]

Applying to University of Texas at Austin engineering honors program?

I know that to apply to UT you have to write the 2 personal essays, and I was wondering if I had to write an additional essay if I wanted to apply to the engineering honors program? I looked on the website and it said some of the things we consider for honors engineering are…GPA, […]

Honors English II Study Guide Help?

ok, I have questions I must be prepared to answer in the form of 1 page essays, due tomorrow. The topic I will have is one of the following for both books:A Tale of Two Cities1. Compare and contrast the characters of Mr. Lorry and Miss Pross.2. What is the relationship between the Evermonde family, […]

What is a good controversial topic to write a honors world history essay on?

the essay much be atleast 5 pages. has to be a controverisal topic

How long should an honors app. essay be?

I am about to enter college as a freshman, and I have been invited to apply for the honors program at the college I plan to attend. They sent me a sheet that had five essay questions on it, and I am wondering how long the essays need to be? Should they be full length […]

For Honors College: Why should we all read ” A Grief Observed” by C. S. Lewis?

I am writing an essay to apply for an honors college. The question asks “What piece of literature, art, scientific discovery…etc would you recommend to all college students? Why?” I chose “A Grief Observed” because unlike many books, it is honest, upfront, and deep. It has many life lessons that readers of all ages can […]

Should i drop Honors English?

I got into it when i was in 7th grade. I’m now in 10th grade i find it realy hard to do. I can’t realy anylize reading and things.i just got a 21 out of 36 on my essay on Anthem which is a 58. What should i do, i hear that you shouldn’t drop […]

Should I drop Honors English?

I was originally going to be in all honors classes available but I didn’t do too well in 8th Grade (I’m a Freshman now) So I decided to do some classes again (Algebra) and just stick to regular classes. I decided to keep Honors English though because I like to read. But the problem is […]

What are my chances of getting into Macaulay Honors? (Please Read!)?

Currently i’m a junior in high school, and my reach school is City College through the Macaulay Honors College. I need the program because I’ve always like the idea of living in the city and second my parents cannot pay for college so I really need the scholarship. Currently I have a 94 GPA and […]