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National honor society–essay, can I get in?

This is my essay…my application in terms of community service, co-curriculars, awards, and leadership is fairly decent (58 hours service, 3 leadership positions, 6 cocurriculars and 4 awards)As a member of the Fenton Chapter of the National Honor Society, you will serve your community. In your essay, address the value of being a person who […]

ESSAY…..help. List 10 resons why we should honor our miltary men and women.?

List12345678910resons we should honor our military men and women.Please help (for a essay grade)

Do you like the honor roll system? Why or why not?

Honor roll… Should it stay or should it go? A majority of my classmates say they hate the honor roll system because: (1)if you don’t get in, you get depressed and discouraged (because, according to them, what if you tried 105% and didn’t get in because academic subjects are not your strength?) (2)honor students are […]

If you got into the National Honor Society at your HS… what did you talk about in your admission essay?

Congrats if you did!I discussed what it was like when I was a freshmen I stated that I knew nothing of the world and now I can make presentations that get ooohs and awwws. I have learned not only that history repeats itself, but what to avoid to do so. Not only educational book-wise but […]

When’s the right time to honor our military heroes? braxton craven middle school?

ok ive got an assingment due in like november and i need a little help can u help me i need to write a essay 300 or more words for a contest and i need some ideas. this includes the navy marines army etc. plz help i got to braxton craven middle school in trinity […]

National Honor Society?

I am hispanic and I was considered for induction into the National Honor Society. My sister told me that because I am hispanic I have a higher chance of getting in because a certain amount of students in the NHS have to be from a minority. Is this true? My sister was inducted when she […]

What is the definition of honor? Brutus and Caesar both consider themselves to be honorable men, yet they..?

..have very different ideas on what is right and wrong. In a descriptive essay, detail the positive and negative traits of both men and explain how the traits help each man become a greater leader. User tags:content

I have to write an essay about why I would like to become a member of the National junior honor society.?

100 words or less. Im stuck if u guys have any ideas please lemme knowthx 4 all ur help