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Question about the holocaust?

what are some other ways that Jews were killed during the Holocaust? i already have einsatzgruppen and gas chambers, but i am writing an essay, and i need one other way. if you have any informational websites, that would be good too! thanks in advance!

Title for Holocaust Essay?

I wrote an essay saying that standing up for what you believe is vital, and need a good title. Any suggestions? User tags:holocaust title ideas

Help? is this a good holocaust essay conclusion?

Holocaust The Jews were persecuted by Germany led by the Nazis and Adolf Hitler. When they invaded Poland World War Two began. The Warsaw Ghetto was a major ghetto in Poland. Ghettos and concentration camps lacked food, space and sanitary houses. Lots of Jews died at ghettos and camps. All the Jews resisted by either […]

In a nuclear holocaust who would you keep?

World war 3 has just occurred and you and 9 other people find yourselves to be the only people left on earth. You manage to all make it to a bunker, however, you all realize that if 3 of you wish to survive for many years, 7 of you will have to leave soon because […]

Holocaust cause and effect essay?

i am writing a cause and effect essay/ thesis on the holocaust. Do you know if there are any examples of these on line?

The Holocaust essay? ?

I have an essay for the holocaust.. Can anyone sum it up for me please? Thanks ;P

Did the times created the man or the man create the times: Hitler and the Holocaust?

For my grade ten history class, I need to write a five paragraph essay on whether the world around him created a leader like Hitler, and it could have been someone else if it hadn’t been him, or if it was Hitler that caused it all. Im torn between the two, but I need to […]

What was the average size of the cattle cars used in the Holocaust?

I’m doing an essay and the dimensions can be used as an example of Nazi cruelty.

Can anyone provide me with information about denial of the holocaust?

i am doing a thesis essay (even though im only in ninth grade!) and i need help with it. if you find anything, can you please also provide the source and link? thank you very much!

How does the holocaust effect the characters in the play diary of anne frank in three ways?

again, i need more help on a five paragraph essay! does anybody have any helpful links on how to even write a five paragraph essay i’m totally lost!