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I need help writing an essay for my American History final?

Tomorrow morning is my final and we’re allowed to write an outline and bring it with us. Problem is i’m not sure what to write and so far my grade hasn’t been all that great so I really need to do well on this final. I’ve chosen the essay question: What is or should be […]

History essay question.?

Between 1790 and 1870 the economic growth of the United States was significantly stimulated by governmental aid. Assess the validity of this statement.

Is it acceptable to consider Tyra Banks or Tina Turner in a Black History Month essay contest?

Absolutely! Although if I might make a recommendation:Tyra Banks has really furthered herself along in her career and has been giving back consistently since becoming a model. She has a camp devoted to teaching self esteem to teenage girls called “T-Zone”. I think all around, Tyra Banks would be a wonderful African American to do […]

Music History short essay Q. Help!?

How did Michael Jackson alter the video concept for MTV? What song did he accomplish this with?

Writing a essay need some advice – global history?

i have to write a essay about two leaders who changed the society they lived in, any leader we have studied in global history. can you give me some good leaders who would be easy to find stuff on and see what they changed, people like martin luther , queen elizabth and napolen

FDR DBQ Essay AP US History Help?

Based off a 2003 DBQ Question. [external link] …Just looking for a few ideas to include in an essay. Thanks!

Is this a ridiculous amount of work for a college history course?

I just started the class today. I read on RateMyProfessors and everyone says the grade is real hard. They say the teacher is real good but really tough and they didn’t get a grade they’re really proud of. It’s a 100 level history class, so I’d expect it to be a bit easier.Her name is […]

I need some help in U.S. HIstory… please?

okay. I have to write an essay about this…Identify and discuss three of the Progressive social reforms that were designed to improve quality of life for any particular group or groups.thank you soo much if you can help me..Linsey

Translation from Italian of vicino – medieval history?

I’m writing an historical essay. I have to translate/explane this sentence from Italian into English:La famiglia *** è citata la prima volta in un atto del 1083 tra i vicini dell’Isola (Comacina) e di Lenno. The meaning of “vicino” and “vicinanza” is explaned in [external link] translated … but I’m not sure: The ***s are […]

Help u s history regents thematic essay please help?

Help any prediction on u s history regents essay