greatest essays

Why was King Kalakaua the greatest of the monarchs and for Hawaii?

I just want some pro’s about him. I don’t think he is the greatest, but i need to do a persuasive essay and debate on it.

I’m supposed to write an essay on the greatest American woman leader of modern times?

Should I do Sarah Palin or Princess Diana?

I am writing a history essay and was wondering: Who do you think was the greatest leader before A.D. 1?

Preferably, it should be an Egyptian Pharaoh, leader from Mesopotamia, Babylon, or Early Roman empire. Thanks

Im doing a persuasive essay on why baseball is the greatest sport. Any ideas?

If you really believe it is the greatest sport you’ll think of something. I actually wrote a persuasive speech on why the Yankees are the best baseball team…Good Luck

“Mao Zedong was modern China’s greatest leader.” Assess the validity of this?

I am having a test and this one of the essay title Can you tell me if you think he is the greatest leader or not? (the more the better)I want to get a high mark oh and my test is on Monday the 15th