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Can anyone help me edit the grammar and punctuation errors in this paragraph from my essay?

Next, I would choose to take my scrapbook which is filled with valuable photographs and letters from my friends and family. Pictures are significant to me because they seem to immortalize one moment in time and capture a memory. My friends and family are very important to me, and having a small piece of them […]

Can you spell and grammar check a five paragraph essay for me?

It is five paragraphs long. If you can spell and grammar check it for me, I will have to send it via email. Otherwise when it is put in the plagiarism checker by my teacher, It will say I plagerized and I will recieve an F. Please help me out. It is only 5 paragraphs […]

Is this a malfunction of the brain?Sometimes I say things in wrong grammar and realize it right after I say it?

I read a LOT of books. I’m an avid reader.When I type or write essays (I’m a really good writer) I don’t have any grammar errors.Recently I’ve been saying things sometimes in wrong grammar for instance this happened today:Me: Can I see your notecards?A friend: Which one?Me: All of it.

I’m looking for a site that teaches you or just ‘show’s’ you about Proper Grammar?

Like the English Classes you studied in school–It gives examples of proper punctuation and how to write a Paragraph (descriptive, etc.), on up to essays-How to write Letter Headings (business, personal, etc.)–Free Online help? Thanks to someone for helping me. MaryR

Can I have some help editing and checking grammar on my essay please?

Here is the essay I wrote and I want your opinion on how you like it. I should have a Introduction, at least 2 body paragraphs and last but not least a conclusion. Please be kindly to suggest or tell me any errors or grammar I need to fix in this essay. Thanks! The novel […]

Spanish grammar question?

I’m writing an essay for Spanish 1, and I need to know which of these sentences is right?Tengo la clase de educacion fisica en las sexta y septima horas.Tengo las clases de educacion fisica en las sexta y septima horas.Im trying to say that I have P.E. in 6th and 7th period, but should it […]

Could any native English speaker please correct grammar mistake on this essay?

Im working for a clothing retail store in japan and they taught me that its a praise word to say you have lighter skin and bigger nose and you look like european, you have european body to customer.

Help with grammar and essay?

The next few months were/was comprised of my parents and me/I visiting…..Please help! I’m not sure whether I should use were or was in the first part of the sentence and I’m not sure whether I should use me or I in the second part.

English problem – grammar question?

I am writing an essay, and i have some confusion about tenses.If i write something about the past in my essay, but in some parts of the essay, I’m writing something which is my personal statement or opinon about it, or something that is still true to this date, do i write them in past […]

Can someone correct my grammar?

The topic is my opinion about art. These are two body paragraphs in my essay:There are many days when a typical teenager argues with their parents over who is right and who is wrong. Such days are occasional in my life. Whether or not I win the argument, I always end up locked in my […]