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First generation college student wanting to pursue graduate school?

So my GPA isn’t that high because I did not know what I really wanted to do until I switched my major into the Food Science and Tech field during my 3rd year. I am currently a 4th year now and will be graduating this spring quarter. My GPA is around a 2.78 right now…which […]

Any suggestions for my Graduate Teacher Programme interview please?

I have to complete an interview, give a 5 minutes presentation on an educational based issue, complete a concise essay on an educational subject (subject given to me on the day), and read a passage and complete a summarisation activity (passage given to me on the day) any advise will be greatly appreciated

How to write Gallatin Graduate school personal statement essay?

I am writing my personal statement and would like to know if I am on the right track….

PT/OT graduate interview Please help?

I have a gradate interview with the master’s program at UT-San Antonio for the Occupational therapy program. I would like to know if any of you guys remember the essay questions they asked during the interview, seeing as though my writing skills are not up to par this could help me out a lot. Thanks.

Can you start an essay with a quotation or is that a big no-no for a graduate level research paper?

you never begin or end a paragraph or entire essay with a quotation. it is jarring to the reader whom you should assume has no idea what you are talking about. it also makes you seem like you have no opinion about the quote, and that you are just quoting because you have to, or […]

I will not graduate because of this one paragraph essay! im confused and nobody will help?

write a brief one paragraph description of each of the following items. Observe each item carefully before describing it. Try to use at least one metaphor per item.a shabby sofa (or at least one that shows some wear)a building or a parkan animala child User tags:a shabby sofa (or at least one that shows some […]

What is the process of applying to graduate school?

I’m wondering what all is involved in applying to a master’s program? Does the candidate have to pass an assessment test and write an essay? What’s the process? I’m thinking about a political science master’s program after I finish my bachelor’s degree and I’m just wondering what all is involved? Thanks.

How should I start off my graduate admission essay for grad school?

I am applying to grad school to get a certificate as an ESL teacher. How should I word the beginning? I always hate starting off essays, but then I do well once I get going!

Touro College Graduate School of Social Work?

Couple of months ago I applied for Social Work Program at Touro College and I been invited to the personal interview. Does anyone know what kind of specific questions they ask? And do they give u to write an essay in front of them?Thank you!

Is 660 Verbal and 790 Quant good enough for tier 1 graduate school in Life Sciences?

I just took the GRE today and got 660V and 790Q (no essay score yet). What I want to know is if I can reasonably apply to schools like Stanford, MIT, Harvard etc. for microbiology/biochemistry programs. I have a 4.0 GPA, authorship (not first authorship, more like 5th or sixth author on the papers) on […]