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Help with good Vietnam and Iraq topics for English essay?

my english teacher is having our class write about any topic on the Vietnam and Iraq war. I need help finding a good topic. User tags:write an essay in which you persuade your local townspeople that a certain new law should be put into place in your essay provide an explanation of the law you […]

HELP! Good Creative Essay Title?!? ***?

I really would like some help with this ! ! !im writing an essay , but i dont know a good title . the essay is about how to write a children’s book. in the essay it has info such as learning how to do illustrations, correct grammar, brainstorming, editing, etc. a creative title is […]

A good blogging website?

Right so i’ve been looking for a website which hosts free bloggs so i can…well blog…and basically just write some poetry/free-thought essays as a way to vent out, but i want other people to be able to read it.I’m looking for something similar to yahoo answers where other people can actually like read my stuff, […]

Essay writing – Good manners are waste of time in the modern world.?

For my school work.

Is this a good essay?

My summer vacation of 2007 was a unique and rewarding experience. Instead of wasting time lounging at home or going to the mall, I decided to enroll in Long and Foster’s real estate licensing course. I know it’s unusual for a college student to go to school during summer break, but becoming a real estate […]


I need to do an essay of him in spanish, but idk how to start a hook please help!

Any good Essay Writing Services?

Anybody have any expericne using one in the past?

Which are some good poems about racism and death made by legit poets?

i am doing an english essay which requires attaching a poem that embraces the topics, the two major topics here are death and racism.

Are there any good words/phrases that replace “this shows”?

I’m trying to write an essay for English class but all I can think of is “this shows that… is a bad character,etc”. I need better phrases or words, like this portrays or something. Please help

What is a good research question/preliminary thesis to base an essay around for World War II?

I have to to an entire article on World War II for my Junior Year High School History class, what would you suggest? Thanks!