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Can someone please give me feedback on this paragraph I wrote on Descartes?

So I have began my essay on criticizing Descartes’ way of escaping solipsism. I have finished my first paragraph, can I please get feedback or tips for another way I can also criticize it? Thanks! Descartes’ escape from solipsismDescartes’ parable of the wax that arises in his second meditation claims “…the perception of the wax […]

Are there any english or literature teachers willing to give advice?

Hey, I’m a literature student in year 12 and have my final exams coming up. My essay writing skills are relatively poor, and I’m really willing to improve them. Are there any literature or english teachers willing to help me in any sort of way? I was thinking perhaps I could email someone an essay […]

Can you read my Compassion essay and give me comments and suggestions on it?These are the first two paragraphs?

“Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive.” (Dalai Lama) I believe compassion is an important value to promote at Peddie. Compassion is a fundamental value that is necessary in our lives, as it causes people to take up jobs as doctors or health care officials. Compassion is extremely important in […]

How would I give credit/cite in my essay for this?

I am writing a research paper on a Holocaust survivor and when I use quotes from the website, I am supposed to cite it in the text as well as in the Works Cited. I do not understand how I cite the website in the text though… For example. I was talking about a life […]

Can you please give me the definition of Exportation and Importation please ?

I would need a answer for my humanities essay about trade, just 2 definitions would be helpful thank you.

Can anyone give me a thesis statement for bipolar disorder?

I’m doing an essay for bipolar disorder and i would like to end my intro with a good thesis statement. Can someone help me out? My teacher would only want me to mention manic and depression in my essay… This essay is for gym and I also need some references. If anyone has some please […]

Could you give me b bunch of good transition words(to make AP english essay smooth: )?

all i use is “then”…to make my free-response essay more succinct i need to use sharp words and good direct transitions …it would be very helpful, because i can’t think of any at the moment..

Essay help please. Give examples of some emotional, psychological and sociocultural needs that patients may?

have when in hospital?Any suggestions would be great

Could you give me suggestions about my essay to make it better, and edit it please, i am in eighth grade?

Click! Flash, Flash, Flash! Animations are running through the page, with the greatest designs on the computer popping out of the screen! Where does this come from? Can I be in this business? The answer to these questions is yes! My dream job is to be an art director for an advertising company. I began […]

Give me an essay that i can use as persuasive speech using a box of chocolate as the topic?

What about “Life is like a box of chocolates”? You can then persuade your audience that in life, as in a box of chocolates, sometimes you encounter things that are hard or sweet or not to your taste, etc.