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What are my chances of getting into NYU Tisch?

College Calculator said 44%.I’m looking to major in Film & Television or Dramatic Writing.I’ve got a 3.0 GPAI’m heavily involved in Media Arts at my schoolI’ve got a great portfolio ( short films, scripts, etc)I’m in National Honors SocietyMy SAT scores were 1680I don’t have many other extracurricular activities besides MAI’ve got a strong essayI’m […]

Am I getting closer to coming out?

I’m 16 and lesbian. I have written a short story about being a lesbian, and got a 38/40 on it. I wrote my research essay on Same-Sex marriage and got a 86%(major assignment), and I did a Slam poetry assignment today about being normal(“What is Normal?”), and mentioned sexuality, and that love is love, and […]

For essay: parents agreed to discuss getting a pet;list 3 reasons to support you are willing to care for pet.?

For essay: parents agreed to discuss getting a pet;list 3 reasons to support you are willing to care for pet.?Please help give me three strong reasons to support.Your parents have finally agreed to talk about wheter or not you may have a pet for your birthday. Write an essay to convince them that you are […]

How could I look into getting some of my writing published?

I like to write vignettes/essays (not really short stories, more like David Sedaris stuff, only not as long). How I take the first step to looking into publishing?

I need help getting started on this essay about a blizzard?

I’m suppose to describe a blizzard as vividly as I can. Brainstorm as many sensory details as possible and work them into your freewrite. Try to make it flow; avoid creating a long visual list.I always have trouble starting an essay, but once I get started everything just comes to mind, but I don’t know […]

Chances of getting admitted to UCLA?

I am Mexican Top 2% of my class Taken 3 AP Classes: Spanish Language, Biology and US History: 5′s on each of them (Junior Year) Taking 5 AP Tests this may (Senior Curseload + 1 by myself (AP Spanish Lit) SAT Subject Tests: 800 Spanish, 750 Molecular Bio, 740 US History SAT I: CR:610 Math:730 […]

Can the American empire be seen as getting stronger or crumbling apart?

I need a little help on this. this is an essay topic that i have to do and i need three solid points to help me solidify my argument. I have two; one is that i can talk about the economy deteriorating, their military deteriorating as in defense and foreign alliances, but i cant think […]

Okay i need help getting started. Im not asking for the whole essay, just can someone explain what this means?

Analyze the social and economic transformation that occurred in the Atlantic world as a result of new contacts among Western Europe, Africa, and the Americas from 1492-1750

Prospects of getting into Oxford?

- Four A levels with fives on each final exam- ACT score of 33- 3 yrs of French with consistent A’s- placed in two international essay contests, and won a writing scholarship- had only two B’s during four years of schooling- attended writing workshop for two years- over 100 volunteer hours at local libraryI want […]

Chances getting into a college?

k, i have a 31 ACT composite, and a 28 science, 31 reading, 33 english alone, 31 eng/writing, and 30 math. and on another test i got a 33 math, so superscored maybe a 32. not sure how eng/writing factors into composite because i should have a 30 because the numbers add up to 120 […]