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Can someone help me find an attention getter for my “smoking is bad” essay? examples? thx?

If you can insert pics into your essay, show healthy lungs, beside a set of a heavy smoker.Another would be to say something like-” Did you know that until 19(?), America thought that smoking was BENEFICIAL to your health?[Yes, early ads promoted cigarettes- see the original Virginia Slims ad for an example- you could even […]

What’s a good attention getter for an essay/speech about good luck?

I’m writing a speech about the time I won a big cash prize, but I can’t think of a good attention getter. Help me! ;-; User tags:good attention getters for the great gatsbyattention getter for the great gatsby

Romeo and Juliet: focus on Mercutio speech…attention getter?

I’m writing an essay for my Communication Arts class. Included in my essay are the three main parts of why Mercutio is important. For these three parts, I’ve chosen: Supporting character, comic relief, and how he changes the plot on the story. Could you please give me and idea for an attention getter for this […]

Can someone please help me with my attention getter for my essay?

I’m doing a persuasive essay on myspacecould someone please give me a nice example of an attention getter for the really stuckplease help if you can

I need an attention getter for my essay on the epic poem Beowulf?

I am writing an essay on Beowulf and his different characterists. All i need is an attention getter.

What would be a good attention getter for a persuasive essay about the pros of homework (whats good about it)?

Here is an opening line.Homework. Such a drag; such a waste of my time. I really do not want to do it. Everyone knows that the only words I have to remember are, “You want fries with that order.” Doing homework has a life-long effect. NOTE: now you start giving reasons for doing homework.

I need an attention getter for my persuasive essay FOR “all americans should have health care”?

i was thinking of a rhetorical question

Attention getter for essay?

Im writing an essay on suspense and I need an attention getter for the opening sentence. Any ideas?

Whats a good attention getter for Romeo and Juliet essay with the topic compare/contrast family’romantic love?

Im writing an compare and contrast essay on family love and romantic love and i need an attention getter. User tags:attention getter for romeo and juliet essay

I need a attention getter for a death penalty essay?

Im writing a death penalty persuasive essay for social studies and i dont believe in the death penalty i would appreciate any ideas.