genetic essays

Can a genetic disease evolve?

Can a disease that is inherited by your parents evolve after years of applying medication to it, so that it is able to survive in the next generation? For example, if this particular disease usually shows symptoms at an early age but because some sort of medicine or therapy, it hasnt killed any members of […]

Does anyone know where to find Ancestors: The Genetic Source?

The essay Ancestors: The Genetic Source by David Suzuki.. Does anyone know where to find the original essay i need it for a project and don’t have a copy, quick help would be appreciated.

Genetic disorder that makes you look like a child?

Hello. =)Sometime last year, I was watching the Discovery: Health channel, and they featured several genetic disorders, including an adorable infant (from Australia, I believe) who was 1 but his weight kept increasing and he weighted as much as a 4-year-old. It also featured people know as “crab people” because their arms and legs bent […]

Is photographic memory genetic subject to study ?

like im doing an essay and it has to do with genetics but does photographic memory a genetc subject?

Do you approve of genetic manipulation to grow bypass veins for heart surgery?

I have a school debate on friday, I have to write a 2 minuite essay about this, I am in 8th grade, and I have half the essay done. Even after Friday, I would like to hear your input.Thank you(: