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I am doing GCSE course work on Romeo and Juliet is this any good ……?

Wrote it in about an hour…… it is on conflictIntroductionIn this essay we will be analyzing Shakespeares clasic drama Romeo and Juilet and how conflict is used in not only Romeo and Juliet but all good dramas.Conflict is still used today as a universal theme because every knows and has experienced conflict of some form […]

Grade My Conflict Essay! GCSE?

(I can not fit my essay on Yahoo Answers so it will be on the top of the forum) My Essay: [external link] …I Am Aiming for an A* in my Essay but i badly need help as i want you all to grade it and list the possible improvements that can be made to […]

What grade might this essay get at GCSE? (French)?

L’année dernière nous sommes allés en France pur deux semaines. Nous avons fait du camping sur le Côte Atlantique, pas loin de Bordeaux à l’ouest de la France. Il a fait très beau tout le temps, sauf pour trois jours vers la fin de la deuxième semaine où il a plu et il a fait […]

Will i pass my english GCSE ?

im really friking stressing out because i don’t think im guna do well in my GCSE literature part of my english exam whan i have to write the essays, especially chaucer. So do you think i could pass if i do well in two of my essays and not so good in the other ? […]

GCSE English Literature Essay Structure (Poerty and To Kill a Mockingbird)?

I’ve got my GCSE English lit exam tomorrow and I’m still unsure as to how to structure my essays…Would it be best for poetry to look at:StructureLanguageRhythm and RhymeImagery and Symbolsand compare within paragraphs?Also, how would it be best to structure a TCAM essay looking at themes or focusing on a specific theme?Thanks!

Help with my GCSE english essay?

ok so ive just about finished my english essay on dickens novel “great expectations” and my teacher said she didnt want the essay to be longer than 2 A4 sheets of paper size 12 font….mines 4 and a half. is this breaking the rules from the exam board or will they still mark it? im […]

Anyone have any Welsh GCSE tips?

Hi, i am in yr 11 and am doing my welsh GCSE, i have to do a speaking exam and have to learn a whole essay off by heart, does anyone have any tips that could help me?

Maths gcse question HELP!?

the length of a ladder L is measured at 6.45 meters, correct to the nearest cm.the ladder leans against a wall and reaches to a height, h of 5 meters, measured to the nearest cm.the angle of inclination a, of the ladder to the horizontal ground can be found using the formula -sin a = […]

Should i take GCSE Drama?

I have chosen History, Latin, Russian and Psychology for my GCSE options, but i don’t want to do all academic subjects, and i think that psychology GCSE won’t really get me anywhere, so I’m thinking about doing a fun subject like Drama, or a more academic but still more useful and psychology subject – Classics […]

GCSE Wuthering Heights – Help me!?

For my GCSE English Literature, I have to study Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte, and therefore I will need to know the book inside and out. My current coursework title isTo what extent does Brontë’s writing encourage the reader to believe that Heathcliff’s undying love for Cathy makes him a sympathetic character?It is a 1000 […]