funny essays

Funny title for my essay? Any help?

I wrote an essay about a recent cultural experience at an ojibwe pow wow. Anyone got any clever/funny titles? I can’t think of any :

Read please…it’s pretty funny! ?

My friends and I joke around with our history teacher…he’s really sarcastic and funny…we’re gonna give this to him. What do you think? In the schools around the world students are forced to write countless essays on unusually boring, constantly pointless topics that waste money, paper and time. Not only are we killing helpless trees […]

Were Dr. Seuss “Cat in the Hat’ funny?

sry i never read them and i have to write a essay on them. were they funny for were they seriouse.

What’s a funny line about sports?

I am suppose to write an essay on a favorite sport but cannot think of a catchy first line, like an introduction.

Why you? whats so special? funny person needed?

ok so what would you write for let’s say an essay or contest entry if they asked you why should we pick you? you know like if somebody asked you why do you have to come what would you say? something funny plz but anything is good thnx

I need funny + creative people!?

I need to create a satiric essay on why Homeless shelters need to staySo I need an idea that proves that HOMELESSNESS IS ACTUALLY GOOD which shows that it actually sucks and that these people need help(I have lots of data that shows that homeless shelters really help people get back on track)SO I NEED […]

Need a funny humorous informative topic?

I am in a public speaking class and need to write a 1500 word informative essay then turn it into a speach and give a 15 minute long speech on it. Everyone is doing things boring like history of neurons or diseases the class is youthful so i want maybe a humorous topic? please help […]

What is a funny or weird or crazy story of how someone came to a town?

I need to write a 1500 word essay on how someone came to a town. I cant think of anything. I want some either twisted plot or funny story i have major writers block please help i need like an outline of what happens or something!

What is the most meaningful, profound, or funny essay you have ever read?

Feel free to answer for all three of those adjectives if you have a separate answer for each, but one will suffice if not. Also, it would be nice if they are written in the common tongue, and not some expert jargon.