function essays

What would you say the form and function of a video game(console) would be?

I have a rough draft essay due tomarrow, and it based on definition. We have a few choices we can pick so I chose Video game. I have to have an extended definition on that and he also want’s to know the form and function. What would you say?

The structure and function of proteins in Biological systems?

I have to write a essay about this for my first day at biolgy a-level Im a bit stuck on what to write about, as in I don’t know what points i should talk about and stuff.I was wondering if you could list some main points i need to cover in it.

How do Stem Cells function (or theoretically function) as a medical treatment?

I mean specifically, at a cellular level, what do they DO? how do they know which types of cells to turn into?Explanations welcome. Links to websites I can reference are double welcome (i’m writing an essay) :]

How does the concept of human will function in the Odyssey?

What do you guys think? To what extent are men responsible for their own actions in Homer’s Odyssey? To what extent are the gods responsible for men’s actions?I need some ideas to help me get started with my 5 pages literature essay.thank you

Sociology: Discuss the view that on the function of youth culture [assist in transition from child to adult]?

FULL Question:Outline and discuss the view that the function of youth culture is to assist in the transition from childhood to adulthood.Right I know I have to write about functionalism, and then criticise it also with a bit of Marxism.But I am unsure what specifically to write about, if you were given this question for […]

How could one describe a parabolic function?

I’m writing a technical essay and need some help