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Frankenstein essay, i need help?

The prompt reads: examine the relationship of victor Frankenstein and the creature as both one between a creator and creation and also as father and son.just help, any ideas at all, people who’ve read the book only please, because the movie differs from the text.Please and thank youPS its due tonight at midnight. >.

Frankenstein: In-class final essay! HELP!?

i am writing an on demand essay in english tomorrow based off of the book we have been reading Frankenstein…well i haven’t been up to date on reading and the essay is tomorrow and i need help with the prompt! we are allowed to bring in notes so if you could read this prompt and […]

What is a good introduction for frankenstein essay?

my essay question is: “who is the real monster in the novel frankenstein?” ( compare chapters 5 & 11 of the novel. How does Mary Shelley create a sense of horror in chapter 5 and how does she make the reader sympathise in chapter 11? ) we have to add background info about mary shelley […]

How does the book frankenstein relate to cloning?

i have to write an essay about cloning and how it relates to the book frankenstein by mary shelley. but i believe cloning isnt any any way involved in the book,so i need other peoples perspectives


I need help identifying why Victor Frankenstein’s quest for knowledge has a negative impact on him.please and thanks

How was Mary Shelley influenced to write Frankenstein?

How was Mary Shelley influenced to write Frankenstein?For an essay I’ve got to write but I don’t know what to write :’(

/Major/ Frankenstein essay help needed please.?

I’ve been asked to write an in-depth essay on the character of Victor Frankenstein and how he changes through-out the novel, from a young spoilt boy to an over obsessive inventor. Trouble is, I can NEVER think of how to begin essays so I need alot of help with an intro. Once I’ve got the […]

Similarities between frankenstein and his monster?

Im writing my essay atm, I have read the book, but any summary simalarities, or quoted would be very helpful!

I need to write a literally Essay on the novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. With examples?

Please give me some ideas .

Frankenstein essay help?

How does Mary Shelley present the idea of monsters in the book Frankenstein? I planned on having an introduction, on general overview of monsters entirely, and then link towards the concept of the Monster.ANY HELP WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED.WORDS NEEDED (1000+/-)So anything please