form essays

What would you say the form and function of a video game(console) would be?

I have a rough draft essay due tomarrow, and it based on definition. We have a few choices we can pick so I chose Video game. I have to have an extended definition on that and he also want’s to know the form and function. What would you say?

Should I take a midterm as an objective (multiple choice) form or essay form?

In History class, I get to choose which way to take the exam; either objective (multiple choice), or essay format. I think multiple choice is a gamble, but essay, you get partial credit for trying. But that’s just me. What do you guys think? How do I do well in multiple choice, AND essay format? […]

What’s the best sci-fi you have ever read in the essay form?

Dune by Frank Herbert

I need to a 1000 wprold essay on what you leard form stealing?

i need an outline

How do I answer this question is essay form?

I have to write a book paper and one of the following questions we have to answer within the paper is What does this selection say to you? I am confused on how to answer it. I read a story about the Civil War.

Can voting be seen as a form of petition?

i’m trying to connect voting to the first amendment, and i am almost done with my essay.. i just don’t want to sound stupid when i make the statement that voting is a form of petitioning the government.. am i right or wrong?

Can anyone help me form an essay question about Gangster films?

Gangs of Hollywood: Why it is okay to glorify crime.Don’t get me wrong, it’s my favourite genre but there’s so much you can write on that topic.

What form of essay should I to answer this essay question on a college level history exam?

Describe the processs of becoming a slave, from capture in Africa to enslavement in America. How did Africans respond to slavery?I thought that I could write the introductory paragraph then three middle paragraphs- one about being captured, the second about the middle passage from Africa to America, and then the third about being a slave […]

What form do I need to use for these french Verbs?

what form do i change the bracketed verbs into?vous (preferer) jouer au foot? tu vas enfin (commencer) faire tes devoirs?ah non! j’ai (oublier) acheter un cadeau pour son anniversaireest-ce que vous (pouvoir) m’aider?je ne l’aime pas et je ne (vouloir) pas le voirTu (devoir) payer l’addition a la fin du repas.J’ (essayer) parler espagnol, mais […]

My professor wants me to write an essay. He wants in a certain form, he called it something like LMN.?

He said it is a basic essay. But I haven’t been in college for about 10 yrs.