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Romeo and Juliet: focus on Mercutio speech…attention getter?

I’m writing an essay for my Communication Arts class. Included in my essay are the three main parts of why Mercutio is important. For these three parts, I’ve chosen: Supporting character, comic relief, and how he changes the plot on the story. Could you please give me and idea for an attention getter for this […]

Please help! I can’t focus?

I’m supposed to be doing a HUGE project that I have to present on THIS Monday (two days from now), and I still have to draw a map, make a timeline, a social pyramid, and 2 more outlines (like writing 2 three paragraph essays). Plus I have to practice presenting this! I cannot focus at […]

I’m Writing a documented essay, my focus being, “proving jesus christ was not a lunatic” input?

im writing this for a class, and i was wondering if there was any reliable information proving that jesus was who he said he was. though i will use information from the holy bible, i would like to add the point of views of several top psychologist to do a “examination” of jesus and his […]

What should I focus on here?

I have to do a ‘compare and contrast’ graphic organizer and essay, comparing and contrasting MLK jr and Gandhi. So, I was thinking I would focus on these three areas, in this order:1. Both Wanted Peace for their people2. Both Believed in passive, non-violent resistance. 3. Both died violently.Is there anything else I should have? […]

Should evolution be the official curricular focus of public schools regarding human origin?

I am writing an essay for my english class, and your opinion is very helpful! please be as descriptive as possible. Thank you very much!