first essays

Can you correct the first few paragraphs of my essay?

Point out or add anything, please! Every year my close friend and I exchange Christmas gifts. We always go overboard, buying each other immense amounts of unnecessary items. But this year, we decided to change things up. For the first time of our life-time friendship, we were making home made gifts. After we exchanged our […]

Can you read my Compassion essay and give me comments and suggestions on it?These are the first two paragraphs?

“Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive.” (Dalai Lama) I believe compassion is an important value to promote at Peddie. Compassion is a fundamental value that is necessary in our lives, as it causes people to take up jobs as doctors or health care officials. Compassion is extremely important in […]

First generation college student wanting to pursue graduate school?

So my GPA isn’t that high because I did not know what I really wanted to do until I switched my major into the Food Science and Tech field during my 3rd year. I am currently a 4th year now and will be graduating this spring quarter. My GPA is around a 2.78 right now…which […]

Does anyone have any suggestions about making my first paragraph better?

Write an essay in which you tell us about someone who has madean impact on your life and explain how and why this person is importantto you. that is my prompt and i was wondering if i could get some honest answers about what i have so far as my introtuction…any SERIOUS answers would be […]

In the time of the First Crusade, how did the Pope tie in with the Government?

I’m working with an essay and how the motivation for being in the Crusades could have been influenced Politically (this is one of my topics, the other one is obviously Religion)Did the Pope also have power over the Government? What other ideas can you tell me?Thank You

In analytical papers can you use use the first paragraph as your preview?

im writing about basketball so doing this would probably be easier in me organinzing the essay. if i cant do this then what do you reccomend i do

First paragraph of my Odyssey essay…?

Our teacher told us to write an essay as to why Odysseus is a hero in Homer’s epic poem.I’ll take any feedback!Spider man returns an old women’s purse, Superman whisks a new born baby away from a burning building seconds before it gives out and collapses. These are classic heroic scenarios which everyone has probably […]

How do you say ‘for the first time’ in french?

I am writing a french essay and need to know how to say ‘When I was six I went to America for the first time’. In know how to say the rest just not ‘for the first time. Please help!

What do you think of these first few paragraphs of this school project?

my brief was to write an essay from the point of view of someone who thinks slavery was not as harsh as people say it was (the west african slave trade)There is a lot of evidence that can be used in the argument that the meals given to the slaves while sailing the middle passage […]

Just got back first SAT scores (pretty bad). Where do i go from here?

Hi, so i just got back my first ever SAT scores. Keep in mind i wont get a detailed score report until June 28th. Critical Reading: 450 32%Math: 500 45%Writing: 450 36%Multiple Choice: 46 (score range: 20-80)Essay: 7 (score range: 2-12)So to state the obvious, this is a terrible score.. and i’ve been beating myself […]