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Othello Essay , 2 Quotes in Act 1 what reveals Roderigos Thoughts & Feelings? Help Please!?

I am nearly finished on my essay of 600 words i just need to know what other language is used to Reveal Roderigos thoughts and feelings I have ” Thick-Lips owe” which is used as racism. I just need 1 more. Thanks An it must be in Act 1! Thanks

What types of emotions or feelings?

i need a list of all you can think of that are not on this list and not posted by others. thanks alot. plz no essays. im building a list. frustrationworryrageguiltembarassmentfears of anythingseriousnessconcerned/worryuglyempathysorrowhateless than selfhurtenvydisguststresssadnesslonilinessdisppointmentshamepityhappyloveexcited

Should I tell my parents about depressive/suicidal feelings?

Okay, I get anxious a lot insofar as I always think people judge or evaluate me. Yesterday, a bus drove past me and I felt like everyone stared at me as it drove past and there was another one right behind it. I scratch myself as a sort of coping mechanism for my anxiety and […]

Does he have feelings for me? Age gap!?

I’m 17, he’s 34. We started emailing at work and it got flirty and he invuted me round to his for some fun. I came on a few days before n told him I couldn’t have sex. he said i should still come round n i said id do things to him. We stayed up […]

How and why did Ron Kovic’s feelings about Vietnam change over the course of the movie Born on the 4th July?

I’vE bEEn wAtChinG tHiS mOviiE 4 my hiStOry cLaSS but i dOn’t fuLLy uNdeRstAnd it! tHiS iS my eSSay quEstiOn….. sO cAn aNy1 heLp?!?!?!

My friend hurt my feelings. I might of overreacted… what do you guys think? (Sorry about the essay :)?

Ok, This is what happened… I met this girl in my 1st year of uni and she was just a friend at first, but as time went on, we shared everything about each other and I started to have strong romantic feelings for her. She always talked about wanting to date people (she’s very inexperienced) […]