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Can someone please help me with my animal farm essay in english?

Can someone please give me their essay as I was absent for about 2 weeks and just found out my essay is in for 2 days and my english teacher will not give me any more time. I can’t write a good essay in just 2 days as I have lots of other important things […]

What is a thesis I can use for an essay on Animal Farm?

The topic is “Power Corrupts” and I need to discuss the representation of power in ‘Animal Farm’ by George Orwell.

What is George Orwell’s writing style like in Animal Farm?

for English class i have an essay question which is ‘How would you describe Orwell’s writing style and use use of language in the novel?’ please may someone give me some points because i have NO idea AT ALL thanks

Animal Farm Essay – English xx?

Why is Boxer such an appealing character in Orwell’s Book? In which episodes is Boxer most important and why?How to write an essay on that question above! I’ll study your answers I promise xx

How and why does Napolean win the power struggle in the story, ‘Animal Farm’ (George Orwell)?

Need essay help.

Animal Farm Essay Title Help?

In english class i’m working on an essay, here is the topic question. “Is the novel a successful medium to criticize communism, or would George Orwell have been more successful writing a non-fictional treatise?” And i need an original title, p.s i chose that fictional is fine just the way it is.

Animal farm essay. help please (: ?

I read the book now I have to right an essay on animal farm, I need two questions that I could answer in my essay. It could be about government, the characters, symbolism, but if anyone has any questions they would like to give me, that would be nice (: thank you

Can someone give me an example of how to start an essay for the animal farm flag?

please don’t give me the answer, just an exampleand it has to be about comparing the animal farm flag to the soviet union flag…

How should my Animal Farm essay start?

I got assigned an essay for Animal Farm about a week ago, and I’m completely stuck on how to start my introduction.The topic of the essay is to imagine an essay entitled How to Rule the World by Napoleon. Write five paragraphs that state the important lessons about how to get and keep power that […]

How would i say this sentence in another way , its from animal farm?

Through a lack of education, the animals became unable to detect the slow progressing power Napoleon was establishing over themIm writing an essay and I think that this is a good point but could anyone maybe write this in another way , but saying the same thing .. ?thanks it would be greatthis is for […]