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Essay help please? Fahrenheit 451?

I’m writing it on the book Fahrenheit 451, about how society and technology are similar compared to the book and real life. Also, the warnings hes trying to convey to us. I guess I’m just stuck and need some help =/Thanks

Help me title an essay. Hunger Games and Fahrenheit 451.?

I have to write an essay for English, comparing. the settings, themes, and characters of Fahrenheit 451. Usually I have very creative titles for my essays, but this one is really good and for the first times ever `Creative Title`is actually a requirement and I`m freezing. The only thing I can thing of is Hunger […]

Ok so im writing a essay over the book Fahrenheit 451. But i cant come up with a conclusion pragraph. Help me.?

Ok so im writing an essay over conflict in the book Fahrenheit 451. and i cannot seem to come up with a good conclusion paragraph Please help me.

Essay topic: Why fahrenheit 451 should be taught in school. what are its values?

So basically im doing a 5 page essay for my honors class. My essay topic is gonna be on the values of the book and weather it should be taught or not. i agree with this book being taught. i need some help though…what are some examples of its values?Also, i was thinking of writing […]

Creative title for Fahrenheit 451 essay?

I have an English essay to do and I need suggestions for a title.This is the topic: The search for truth is a recurring theme in the novel. Discuss how this theme is developed. Which people are searching for the truth? Where does their search lead them? What price do they pay for their knowledge […]

Help with Fahrenheit 451 essay?

3 character traits of Montag, and give an example of when we see these? or why they are important to the story? help!