explain essays

Can someone explain to me what the passage is saying? what am i supposed to do?

Consider carefully the issue discussed in the following passage, then write an essay that answers the question posed in the assignment.passage:Many among us like to blame violence and immorality in the media for a “decline in morals” in society. Yet these people seem to have lost touch with logic. Any objective examination shows that our […]

Can someone explain to me the reason of the 2008 stock market crash? pls?

i dont understand how it all occured can someone tell me the causes?i need to write an essay on this so i have to know what were the causes, how did it all start?

Teens seem unable to describe and explain what makes them unique?

My teacher had us write an essay explaining what makes you uniquely you and as I looked around the classroom I noticed many students just looking around the classroom room with a puzzled look on their face, including me. Why does it seem difficult to describe ourselves. Does anyone else have this difficulty?

Please can someone explain to me whether Globalization leads to more benefits then problems for UK firms?

I want to know how Globalisation has effected UK firms, and what the benefits are, compared to what the problem’s are. This will include both social and economic costs, e.g. unemployment and profit margins ect. I need a lot of detail as this is for a huge economic essay of mineThank you

Stories have the power to explain who we are?

This is a topic question I have to do for an English assignment. I have absolutely no idea what the hell it’s talking about. Stories have the power to explain who we are.Respond to this statement, using a formal essay.70% of the essay has to be about Hamlet and the other 30% about another play, […]

Okay i need help getting started. Im not asking for the whole essay, just can someone explain what this means?

Analyze the social and economic transformation that occurred in the Atlantic world as a result of new contacts among Western Europe, Africa, and the Americas from 1492-1750

I want to know everything about Global Warming? Can you explain a lot?

Could you please help me, I am doing an essay that is about Global Warming and I don’t know where to start, how to explain it?Could someone write what global warming REALLY is so I can understand and then write my own report?Thanks so much.

Write an essay in which you tell us about someone who has made an impact on your life and explain how and why?

im writing a college entrance essay to UT…and im really scared cuz my writing isnt all that great. and im not done with this essay yet, but if yall would just tell me if its good or not and if i need to make some corrections and if im on the right path with it […]

Explain how the changing price of oil has affected mexico ?

i need to write an essay on this i don’t have enough time to really read about this my life is very crazy and i have to do this please help p.s im in 8th grade

Explain how high-energy electrons are used by the electron transport chain?

I need a lot of help with my essay question can anyone help? the books don’t help very much