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What are some examples from Star Wars: A New Hope that can relate Darth to Satan?

I’m writing an essay and I am comparing Darth Vader to the biblical figure of Satan and need some specific examples that tie these two figures together.

What are some examples of irony in Jane Austen’s “Emma”?

I have to write an essay for my Eng 217 class about Jane Austen’s book, “Emma”.This is the exact assignment:• “Write a short essay about Austen’s use of irony in the parallel examples of Emma’s and Mrs. Weston’s infatuations with Harriet and Jane, respectively. Use, as your starting point, Mrs. Weston’s exchange with Emma in […]

Where can I find some examples college-level writing prompts?

I’m a Junior in high school and I like writing. I want to go to North East School of the Arts to major in writing, but I need to improve my writing skills. Do you know a place where I could find higher level writing prompts for essays or short response so that I can […]

What are some examples of tolerance?

I have to write an essay on tolerance based on Anne Frank’s “Give” and Rachel Scott’s “My Ethics, My Codes of Life”.

Should you spell out or write numbers in English essays when you’re listing examples?

I don’t know which is more appropriate for my English essay:There are a few assumptions that one who is viewing this picture can make out of speculation from this: first, they do not know anything about how this man became homeless, assume he is a drug addict and therefore cannot trust him with their money, […]

Where can i find examples of a descriptive essay?

I’m dong a essay for school but I’m having trouble with the introduction and ive been on Google already.I’m writing a essay on a jewelry box.So like i need examples of essays describing an object

Essay help please. Give examples of some emotional, psychological and sociocultural needs that patients may?

have when in hospital?Any suggestions would be great

Can someone help me find an attention getter for my “smoking is bad” essay? examples? thx?

If you can insert pics into your essay, show healthy lungs, beside a set of a heavy smoker.Another would be to say something like-” Did you know that until 19(?), America thought that smoking was BENEFICIAL to your health?[Yes, early ads promoted cigarettes- see the original Virginia Slims ad for an example- you could even […]

What are some examples of pulp fiction books, movies, ect?

I’m writing an essay and I need some examples of pulp fiction/pulp fiction thriller books, movie, soap operas, ect…

Examples of SURREALISM?

What are some examples of pieces that are surreal where they present clarity through surrealism? I’m trying to find examples of paintings to connect in my essay about a book that establishes a contrast between reality and surrealism and presents clarity and insight provided through surrealism. The beginning of the story starts on a mountain […]