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I need an exhaustive essay on prototyping where can i find ?i mean every thing i can get on it as a topic?

Define prototyping, how is it used?, when do i use prototyping/, can it be implemented along with SDLC ? At what stage? What are it’ advantages and disadvantages?can i get a case study to show how a prototyping is used in program development?

Importants of maths in every day life?

an essay an the importants of maths in every day life.

K this guy call me hot, and every thing i do is hot, he even said my essay on the constitution was hot?

whats he trying2 do?its kinda wierd?i have naturally wavy hair, and 2day he told meit would be really hot if i strightend itone day in gym (he has gym with me 2)i wore see threw-ish shorts, i didnt now they where till gym allready started, and so i havnt worn them sence, but he has […]

Should drivers over age 65 have to take a driving skills test every 5 years to renew their license?

please tell me in a way i can write an essay about it

Essay on every cloud has a silver lining?

connection of the phrase every cloud has a silver lining with the story Silver lining by Chaman Nahal

Writing homework:/ ? i’ve failed every homework till now? help?

So i really have no time, i have school in an hour. And i’ve failed all my writing homework till now Can you please help me this time?We have to write an essay about family portrait.My dad sweared he’s really hit me if i failed this time. can you help me please?

Does every historian write the history of his or her time?

Funnily enough a music question for an undergrad essay- wanted to know your views!


So in da 7th grade, i failed it but still went to 8th failed it went to 9th failed 3 classes.So yah i was gettin D-’s and i tried reely hard. Then i took da ACT and got 12. I wanted to take dat TOEFL but I couldn’t.Yah in my senior yeer (now) I wanted […]