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Where can i download free essays with proper refrences?

my assignment due on this friday and i have 2 other essays to do so i need faster way to finish them all on time, is anyone know any good and large resources website with proper referencing on the projects? would be very helpful. thanks

Harvard and Pomona’s “optional” essays?

My first question is, how “optional” is optional? Does not writing one look unfavorably upon the student? Is it necessary?Second, when Harvard lists on the Common App supplement some “possible topics,” does that mean you can ultimately write about a topic of your choice?

Any good topic for observational essays?

For my English class I need to do an observation essay but I can’t come up with any interesting topics, any ideas?

What quality of writers does Pioneer Admission Essays have?

Pioneer Admission Essays mostly has writers who have completed their PhDs and Masters degrees. The quality of work these experts generate is truly out of this world.

Can you still score high on an AP exam if you do bad on the essays?

If I were to do well on the multiple choice but bad on all the tests can I still get a 3 or better?

Essays on black confederate soldiers?

is there any free essays out in the web anywhere?

Can compare student essays to see if they have the same essay?

It’s happened to me before even though i never plagiarized the essay. The best thing to do is cite all your sources using either APA or MLA (whatever your teacher said to use). Also, at most it will show 1 or 2% in the plagiarization column because it runs through student sources and might find […]

How can i increase my hand’s endurance when writing long essays?

My hand cramps after i write a lot in school. How can i make this happen less?

College Essays?

At the moment i am in the process of choosing a college and going through usual “process”. ugh!… this coming school year i will be a senior and i have to get going on my college essays… i’m not absolutely sure which of my school choices require one but i do know that at least […]

Any essays, or ideas?

Does anybody have any research papers on McCarthy, McCarthyism, or the “witch hunt”? And also.. I have to do ao project. I have to compare “TheCrucible” to the Salem witch trials or McCarthyism. It can be anything creative–poem-mosaic-diarama-mobile-son… (basically anything that can compare and contrast creatively)thanks for any help, at all.