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Is a 27 ACT score and my high school record good enough for these colleges?!? 10 Pts for best answer?

I just looked at my scores online and I received a 27 composite score on the act. I received a 33 in math, 23 in English, 23 in reading, and a 27 in science. I would really love to attend any of the following colleges: stanford, Harvard, rice, UCLA, USC, ut at Austin, Baylor or […]

Is my ACT score good enough?

I got a composite score of 29, but a 7 out of 12 on the essay. Is that good enough for schools like UCLA, USC, UCSD, UCI? Should I take it again? Btw, I’m going to be a senior.

Which topic is narrow enough to be the subject of a descriptive essay?

a. the writers first laptop computerb. personal computersc. computersd. vintage computers User tags:which topic is narrow enough to be the subject of a descriptive essay?

Am i good enough for any of these universities?Please help!?

I have 1850 in sat; 4.0 GPA in my a levels; ive been in a welfare society and a dance club.ive also played in the volleyball team . and have excellent recommendations plus i can write a good enough college application essay.im also from Pakistan. What are my chances for either of these universities:Georgia institute […]

Why is canada’s climate change action plan good enough?

i am doing an essay/debate on climate change. i am arguing that canadas stance on climate change is good, any pointers why?

Hey Fernando! is this essay good enough for english class?

The echolocation properties of the magnificent whale may be inhibited by the latest innovations in neoteric imaging, according to the May 23rd edition of the New York Times. This article was written by Meylin Hanoi. Whales are becoming more and more disoriented as more techonology lays its cold, metal hand across the earth. Machines grip […]

Is font ‘Arial’ size 12 small enough for an essay?

It may sound like a strange question but I don’t want it to look like I’ve made the font bigger just so it looks like I’ve written more. For a 6 page essay what font and size would you write in?Thank you

Is this a good enough hook?

I got this off a website, which I will site. But was wondering if this was a good hook for a essay on Did Native Americans convert to Christianity willingly?An enterprising European official sailed to the Central American mainland in 1514. He hoped to settle large numbers of Spaniards there, to find gold, and to […]

Is my paragraph good enough?

My question for the essay is: How does Shakespeare use dramatic devices in Act 3 Scene 1 of Romeo and Juliet in order to make it such an interesting, exciting and important scene? My point I need to cover in the 1st paragraph is:The methods Shakespeare uses to create mood and atmosphere at the start […]

Pleeeeease help, i have so much homework eeeevery day and theres not enough time.. im so tired?

i have so much homework that today is my dads birthday and i ended up only spending about an hour and a half with him for dinner and did nothing but homework all day besides that.. and i went to school. its now 10:30 and im getting rrrreally tired. i still have to write an […]