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Help with good Vietnam and Iraq topics for English essay?

my english teacher is having our class write about any topic on the Vietnam and Iraq war. I need help finding a good topic. User tags:write an essay in which you persuade your local townspeople that a certain new law should be put into place in your essay provide an explanation of the law you […]

Can someone please help me with my animal farm essay in english?

Can someone please give me their essay as I was absent for about 2 weeks and just found out my essay is in for 2 days and my english teacher will not give me any more time. I can’t write a good essay in just 2 days as I have lots of other important things […]

What makes people “sink or swim”? english essay?

i have to write an essay on what makes people metaphorically “sink or swim”. i was thinking about writing about friends and how they can do both but im not really sure what specefic examples to use. i was thinking maybe using a song but im not sure what one? if anyone could maybe help […]

Need a three page paper on why i should be let back in my english class i need an apology for being rude also?

i was kicked out of my class for being disrespectful and i was disrespectful during a parent teacher conference i need a 3 paper essay about y i should be let back in class and what i will do if i was able to go back in class

AP English essays?

Does anyone know where i can find sample essay questions/prompts that have been or might be on the AP English Exam? I just want extra practice. If not, can anyone think of an example off the top of their head? Thanks

Please Help me with my english essay…?

Hi all,I’m learning english and I had to do an essay about any political problem in my country. It’s not important to review the content of the essay, but it is the grammar.So, I would be thanked if you see it and write any suggestion….You know, the best answer will have 10 pts….!Thanks all…!When a […]

Are there any english or literature teachers willing to give advice?

Hey, I’m a literature student in year 12 and have my final exams coming up. My essay writing skills are relatively poor, and I’m really willing to improve them. Are there any literature or english teachers willing to help me in any sort of way? I was thinking perhaps I could email someone an essay […]

Help with English Title?

I have to write an essay for my college english class and you have to come up with a creative/ original title. My topic is Clothing/body piercings and tattoos/ and body modifications being seen as visual art. Can anyone help with a title?

I need help with making a source with my English essay.?

Well my subject was to write a paper on visual analysis. Everyone was supposed to use The New Yorker. I chose the May 11, 2009 issue. And i have everything done i got 1200 + words and all is well, except i need a source for my essay. My teacher told everyone has to have […]

What should i do to brush up on my english skills?

Hi, i haven’t been in high school for two years, this fall im taking classes through my community college, and since i signed up late there weren’t any english classes open. I was wondering if anyone knew any dvds, or books things like that, that would help me write research papers, essays analysis papers alot […]