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Rwanda genocide, who helped intervene, why and they help (reasons:personal gain of something else)?

I need to know which states tried to help in the Rwanda genocide, they’re reasons and who pulled out afterward. Was they’re reason legitimate, when did they intervene? Any information will be helpful! I will give a full ten points, races whatever you have I will be so grateful! Please provide a source! About the […]

Who else found the Narnia books to be as sexist as the Bible?

SORRY IF THIS IS OLD NEWS. I just finished reading the series, and soon I began researching for my essay. I found the most interesting things. Initially I thought I was the only one, but looks like I’m not! Pretty cool, I must say. =) JK ROWLING (Harry Potter author):”There comes a point where Susan, […]

Is anyone else clever but despises school? PLEASE HELP!?

Im really clever – a psychologist gave me an IQ test when I was 8 and I scored off the chart. But i’ve never enjoyed homework, I love education/learning but only what I WANT to learn/ educate myself in. So I’ll do an essay on Tess of the D’urbervilles not Pride’Prejudice then my teachers all […]

Is there anything else I can add to make this a perfect essay?

he locked himself in a hotel room and sit with his back to the wall for a month.because he didn’t want anyone to see his face…Donald was very talented musician and artist. He grew up around music. both his parents were majoring music in college.He loves all kinds of music. In the summer, he liked […]

Anybody else had this virus?

Okay, so I was finishing an essay on my computer the other day, and this ‘virus scanner’ came up. I think it was called windows live something or other. It said there was like 34 threats on my computer, and when I tried to click off the scan it came up with this website to […]

Is any one else crazy about ”You’ve Got Mail” the movie?

every time it’s on tv I have to watch it, and the REPEAT as well. I think the script is amazing and there is this amazing chemistry bet. Tom and Meg. I even wrote an essay about the movie in my college Essay exam. the movie just cheers me up.and I’m crazy about it.

Who else thinks drugs, such as smoking is monsturous?

it kills ppl and smoking literally takes over your life and i also need some info about what ppl think about it for an essay.

WRITING AN ESSAY ABOUT A PICTURE OF A DOG. what else should i write?

this is what i have so farI chose this Sepia photo of my dog (NatLee), because it really captures her image. I really like this photo because, the sepia give the picture a more western look. The detail of the leather she is laying on, and the saddle blanket behind her, is so exact that […]

What else could I include in my essay(involving race)?

So I’m writing an essay about a novel I read and we have to incorporate research to our topic. I’m doing mine on why this novel which takes place in Canada has all of its characters as being white when Canada is considered a diverse country. I’ve included stuff on the media and how whites […]

HELP! I have to write an essay about how a cheerleader is a leader in school and eveywhere else!?

Its for tryouts and i dont know what to write!Websites, info, ideas, what to write about ANYTHING!PLEASE! i will choose a best answer easy 10 pointsTHANKS