easy? essays

What are some essays I can write about? Any ideas? Easy 10 points. Realistic Things!?

Summerlover had a lot of good ideas, as did everyone else. You could write about how fashion has changed over time and maybe describe what impacts those changes. You could write about how fashion changes with age, which could be quite interesting considering the world we live in now. Or you could write about what […]

Can someone please help me!? Easy 10 points!?

Im writing an essay on littering and i want to start it off with a question…like did you know…Imagine walking down the street blah blah blah…but i want one so powerful and catching! thanks!

The Bean Trees help? PLEASE! Somewhat easy 10 pts?

Please help. I am writing an essay and I need help. If you have read The Bean Trees can you give me an example of how Taylor does not have a lot of responsibilities before she is given Turtle? Besides the fact that Taylor left her hometown in Kentucky? Remember: I need an example of […]

Help with a title for macbeth essay! EASY 10 POINTS?

So, I just wrote a Macbeth essay for english about gender, and how women were 2nd class citizens back in shakspeare’s time, and how the characters in macbeth try to distance themselves from feminine traits so that they do not loose power. I talk about how Macduff embraces both male and female traits and because […]

What should i title my (slightly erotic) essay? easy 10 points!?

its a descriptive essay (with touch, taste, smell, and sight) about cherry lip-gloss, but more specifically, in the context of a kiss (possibly girl-on-girl kiss, depending on how you interpret it…its ambiguous ;p) please help! i used up all my creativeness trying to right the dang thing :/thanks so much!

Need help with title! easy question! just need a TITLE!?

im writing an essay, and i need a title for it. my essay is about my guitar teacher who influenced my into playing and following my dream. he’s a really great teacher so i had to write about all that. but i need a title! does anyone have any ideas? i really need help! it’s […]

Essay Topic Help. Easy, pls answer?

Pls tell me if this topic sentence is too general or not. Also, if the points relate to the topic. Note the points are not in any particular order.TOPIC: Have we taken scientific research too far?ARGUMENT #1: Too dependent on technology/machinesSUPPORT: —Computers calculate faster than us —-Machines are everywhere —-We create massive, complex machines for […]

Easy 10 points! what should i do?

ok so there is this big project for school and if you fail it you basically have to stay back a year. and there are 3 parts to the project:physical partposter board 2 page essayand all i have done is the essay!i have been working really hard on the essay just to get that part […]

Really easy 10 points please?

The descriptive essay is on a walnut (seriously). Please rate and tell me if you have any suggestions. The descriptive paper is: The object sits idly on a desk. It looks like a brain with a skull for a shell. The sun-kissed shell is as wrinkly as a grandma. It’s shaped like a heart. It’s […]

Good topic sentence (easy 10 points)?

Hey! thanks for opening this, well…. i am writing an essay on a treasue that means a lot to me and i decides to do my guitar. i dint have a good topic sentence PLEASE HELP with that partplease write the best topic sentence about my special guitar that you can think of!1thank ya!