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What does the manipulation of point of view mean?

I’m writing an essay for my literature class, and in the prompt it mentions this. What does this mean?

What does Witchcraft have to do with the Crucible? Not asking to spoonfeed, just need 1 reason.?

Im not asking you to write the whole essay on it. i just need 1 reason on how does witchcraft have to do with Arthur Miller’s The Crucible. I’ve been sitting here for an hour, and i cant think of anything. thanks.

I need to write a 10 page essay. Does anyone have a topic for me?

It needs to be from the time period of 1492-1865 (Late Renaissance through the Romantic Era)

Does the french revolution demonstrate that people can be trusted to govern?

Does the french revolution demonstrate that people can be trusted to govern?Why or why not? This is an essay question

Does this spanish “essay” make sense?

My friend and I have to do a project in Spanish. We have to make a pressentation presenting 2 outfits we made and make a speech. Is it okay?Porque Espana es muy famasa por su HUMAN DEVELOPMENT, los gentes de Espana son mas “high class” y lo mas rico de los campos espanioles. Por eso, […]


iam supposed to write an essay in this topic.Explain hwo Kim jong il developed 3 of the flowing elements of totalitarian societies?1. strong military2. mass media3. educationthe question is am i supposed to write about the good thing he developed about these or not?thanks a lot

Does ‘epicurean eyes’ make sense?

I’m trying to write a descriptive essay with unusual word combinations so my paper would be more likely to stand out. I’m not sure if this pair makes sense though. I’m trying to say ‘my epicurean eyes devoured the buffet of art before me.’ Something like that.

Does anyone know what the legislation and codes of practise for Teachers are?

This is for a final essay due on Friday. Thanks so much for anyone’s help!

How does the tsunami and earthquake relate to social studies?

So i’m in middle school, and we have to do current events where we pick an article and write a three paragraph essay on it. For the third paragraph, we have to explain how the article relates to social studies. So basically, I chose an article about an elderly couple who is recovering their house […]

What kind of attitude does Bee Gees – Stayin’ Alive ( 1977 ) capture?

I have to do this for a essay and an example is like thisMadonna’s Song “MAterial girl ” captures the money-obssesed attitude held by many of the 1980 yuppies. I don’t kow what kind of attitude does it capture? please help