different essays

How would you act towards people that are different than you are?

hi i live in Toronto and i have this big essay that i have to write.i have to write about how i would act towards people that are different from methank you

How Is Math In Rome Different From Math In America?

Im Doing A Essay On Math In Rome And I Have To Tell About Math There And How It Is Different From Here…..But I Dont Really See A DifferenceCan You Guys Help Me With ThisPlz And Thank You

Why must insects have an excretory system that operates on an entirely different principle?

Its an essay question and i know it has to do with nephridia.

How do you have a different header and footer on different pages? (Word Mac)?

I am writing and essay, and trying to put the pagination in in MLA format, but it won’t let me put a different pagination on different pages. It’s actually really annoying, so help is appreciated.

How was Africa different *before* European settlers came?

like; how was their economy…civilization etc. anything will help i need help with my essay, and im dry i cant find anything. Thank you.

Im an american applying to psychology grad schools in the UK, what are the different expecations UK look at?

Do the grad programs focus more on your undergrad GPA scores, or more on internships, recommendation letters, and personal essay?To make it easy, can you put in order the least to greatest factors the schools focus on for the applicant. Thank you, I would appreciate any input.

I am doing a essay over compare/contrast two poems from different poets. I need help.?

The two poems are Freneau’s “the wild honeysuckle” and Bryants “thanatopsis”. What makes both poems Romanticism. I need help with providing an attention getter in the introduction, and also help with a good thesis.

I need a different viewpoint to write about on my essay. Help?

I am writing an essay on vandalism and graffiti. One of the articles is about how vandalism is bad and shouldn’t be allowed. And the other article i am using is on graffiti and how it is an art from and should not be punished. I had to summarize these articles and now I have […]

What are some different ways to introduce the main question in an essay introduction?

I usually use something like this:Therefore, the question is the extent to which literature can be seen to act as a catalyst for change.But I want to finish my introduction with another question to lead into the next paragraph, but it won’t flow if I just put the question as a question, and I don’t […]

What are different ways to start a conclusion on an argumentative/persuasive essays?

i need to know different ways to start off a conclusion. I don’t like saying words like, “overall, in conclusion, all in all” to start off my conclusion. what are different ways to start it? Or GOOD ways the start a conclusion?Thank you in advance!