differences? essays

Slaves in Athens and Sparta, were there differences? Help help?

I am writing a history essay and I want the topic to be about slaves in Ancient Greece. I don’t know what my “question” to investigate on should be. I could make the question ‘How were slaves treated in Ancient Greece in Athens?’ or something liked ‘How were slaves treated in Sparta compared to slaves […]

What are the similarities or differences between Crow Lake and The Other Side Of The Bridge? Plsss helpp…?

i have to write a comparative essay… pls give me some ideas if u read the books… thanksss

HELP! Differences & similarities of the north american slavery ‘russian serfdom labor systems durin 1450-1750?

I dont really know much about the coercive labor systems in 1450-1750 such as north american slave and russian serfdom. i need to write an ap global comparative essay, but need help with some facts and similarities and differences. please help?

What were some similarities and differences between the leadership of Julius Ceasar and Napolean Bonaparte?

For global we are learning about Napolean and we have to write an essay comparing him with another leader and i saw that he was similar to Ceasar. Could anyone help elaborate or have anything i could use?i would greatly appreciate it!thank you =D

Essay on vietnam war and ideological differences?

My essay topic is:”The 1960′s was a decade characterised by ideological differences which divided the world, causing conflict and turmoil. Discuss the Vietnam War as a good example of this.”I don’t want an essay as a answer, i’m just not sure where to start so if anyone has any ideas please help! What are example […]

What are some similarities in religious aspects between st. Augustine and Socrates? What are some differences?

this is for an essay in my religious studies class but i can’t find it in the book

List of wars due to religion differences?

what are some of the wars/terrorism that has happened due to religion issues? or has religion differences involved? i know bits and pieces of it but need to know a bit more to add as strong examples for my essay on importance of religion

Differences between life before the internet and life after?

I’m doing an essay on the comparison of life before then internet and life after the internet. what are some ways life varies now from before we got the internet? PLEASE HELP. thanks!

Differences between Jem and Scout?

hello people i was wondering if i could get 3 differences and examples to back it up of Jem and Scout in to kill a mockingbird. i need to make a 5 paragraph essay so i just need three big differences and then i have the intro and conclusion.

What are the differences between Americans and the middle east?

I am doing a compare/contast essay for college and would love anybody’s input into this.