definition essays

Can you please give me the definition of Exportation and Importation please ?

I would need a answer for my humanities essay about trade, just 2 definitions would be helpful thank you.

Official definition for astronaut?

I need an official definition for the job astronaut. I have to write a essay for my English class using an analogy. Not the problem. But I have to use an official definition for astronauts. So I cant just use anything from Wikipedia or so. It has to be an authoritative source!Is the website […]

What does transcendentalism mean. in SIMPLE TERMS not dictionary definition! HELP ASAP!?

please helpi need to write an essayon eitherif im FOR TRANSCENDENTALISMor if imAGAINST TRANSCENDENTALISMplease help me.tell me what it means and give me 2 examples for either being for it or against transcendentalismplease helpi need this asap!

I need help writing a definition essay?

i have a essay due tomorrow & its about hero’s. and i don’t understand at all on how to do it. i did the intro, but on paragraph #2 says i have to do this – – Paragraph’s using Function strategy demonstrates how heroism functions or operates in the real world . – paragraph #3 […]

How to write a definition in a essay?

anyone know how to write a definition in a essay because I want to add a definition in my essay just in case some people who reads it doesn’t know what it’s meaning

Definition essay : would this make sense?

i’m defining “rape”. here’s my thesis/definition of what rape is: Rape is a form of sexual assault in which a person forces sexual intercourse or other sexual activities on another person without their consent or consent of the law if the person is not of consensual age.i’m wondering if the “or consent of the law […]

Need help with finding a word for a Definition Arguement Essay.?

For the essay I need to add understanding of a complex term for my audience by seperating my term from a similar term. Anyone have some word suggestions I could write 2-4 pages on? Help would be appreciated! Thanks!

How exactly do I write a Connotative definition essay? I’m lost… ?

My definition is Love… how do i write 4 or 5 paragraphs explaining this… I’m confused, has anyone ever done one of these kinds of essays before? Thanks! ♥

What is you most scientific and professional definition of (astronomical) space?

Please explain this in 100 words or less- just your best definition, not an essay.

What is the simplest definition of ethnic separatism?

i need this as part of my history essay introduction, please help!