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What would be a good persuasive essay topic for the book “Pride and Prejudice” dealing with satire?

Mr. Collins and Lady Catherine are both satirical characters. You could write about them.

I am trying to write a paper dealing with the abilty to talk to the dead but I need a essay topic/claim?

I cannot think of what my essay should be investigating like is it real, or i could analayze how much they need it in movies. does anyone have any ideas?

What Musicians Helped dealing with Poverty?

I don’t know much about Politics but I have to write an essay on how Musicians or songs have helped with Poverty, I was thinking Bob Dylan but I can’t find any information on him at all. I know Live aid helped a lot but I have to get to that later on in the […]

In the yrs 1945-53 how effective was the truman admin. foreign policy when dealing w/ Stalinist Russia?

in an essay wat do i include?

A catchy essay title for an essay dealing with identity?

I’m writing an essay on identity and factors that help influence and shape identity. My professor wants us to come up with catchy or creative titles for the essay, but I’m not very creative. Please help!

What persuasive essay topic could I write about dealing with proxemics?

Proxemics: “Sociology, Psychology. the study of the spatial requirements of humans and animals and the effects of population density on behavior, communication, and social interaction”

How do you start a compare and contrast essay dealing with 3 things to compare?

Try to narrow it down to two. Or start by introducing your paper as a cumulative review of three separate objects, and write it as a descriptive-expository/

Which was more important in development of surgery in the late 19th century – dealing with pain or infection?

its an essay question – any help kindly appreciated

Need links for determinism dealing with ethics, metaphysics, and epistemology?

I am writing a 5 page essay about the philosophical school of determinism, and the three main areas of philosophy that I chose are ethics, metaphysics and epistemology… I need to find some links to help me make this essay. it would also help if the links don’t involve complex literature.