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How to start off an essay with the topic being about japans culture?

I need to start off an essay with the introduction or topic sentence being about japans culture but im having trouble thinking of something help.

How to introductions Thailand is a beautiful country with a unique culture?

How to introductions Thailand is a beautiful country with a unique culture? I had to write an essay but I don’t know how to write.Please help me! Thank you…

Are you Haitian? As an African American Can help me become more knowledgeable about ur culture?

Okay i have to write an essay on another culture, and i have decided to write about Haitians in America but of course there is an inadequate amount of journals and books about Haitians. So if u are Haitian is there anyway u can explain to me some of the prejudice and discrimination’s, segregation, effects […]

What are the positive and negative effects of geography on japan’s history and culture?

i need to know for this essay i have to write, so can you tell me how the geography effects japan’s culture or where i can find the information? thanx!

How are native americans represented in our popular culture today?

examples of a specific indian alot of examples because i need to write an essay off of this any movies film art comic books literature sports toys magazines

What elements of culture did the Germanic peoples contribute to western civilization?

It doesn’t matter what form of an answer you give it in, whether you have 3 bullet points, a paragraph, or an essay. I just need to know what to look up. Thanks! will give the 10 points to best answer!

Essay on how our culture influences our perception of “family” (Help, Please!)?

How can I break down this essay in paragraphs?!?”How much do your national, cultural, ethnic or class influences affect your understanding of what family is and should be? How does your notion of “family” cause you to judge people you meet/know?I understand the question but I don’t know how I can write about it in […]

Culture of poverty essay?

How can we break the culture of poverty?

Should there be a world religion and culture class in high school and middle school?

Am writing an essay and i was thinking if you guys could help me have some statistic’s proof because it hard for me to find any, or you could give me your own opinion. Personally my thought on this argument is that, if we teach the younger generation of other religions and cultures, there is […]

Sociology: Discuss the view that on the function of youth culture [assist in transition from child to adult]?

FULL Question:Outline and discuss the view that the function of youth culture is to assist in the transition from childhood to adulthood.Right I know I have to write about functionalism, and then criticise it also with a bit of Marxism.But I am unsure what specifically to write about, if you were given this question for […]