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HELP! Good Creative Essay Title?!? ***?

I really would like some help with this ! ! !im writing an essay , but i dont know a good title . the essay is about how to write a children’s book. in the essay it has info such as learning how to do illustrations, correct grammar, brainstorming, editing, etc. a creative title is […]

What is a creative, decent title for a college scholarship essay about becoming a teacher?

The essay reflects on how education is not simply teaching students subjects and topics– it’s about preparing them for life through lessons within different subject areas…

How is texting interactions creative?

How is each texting interactions creative? eg, emoticons, letter/number homophones, acronyms, intialism, phonetic spelling, slang. Thanks, this is for an english essay revision. thanks.

Are there any creative writers that I can email my sentence to for an essay?!?!?!?

wat do u mean by email ur sentence 2? i mite b able to help since im an authoruh please explain 2 me how that sounds blegh. thats very good. it paints a picture in my head and allows me 2 step in2 the shoes of the character which is somewhat ur goal.

Any creative writing ideas?

for my english i haev to write a creative writing essay. i wanted an imagionative and origional description to describe “the human brain” such as “a pink spongy cloud” for example. if you can’t think of any, then just generally any interesting words or phrases that you can think of would be very helpful. thankyou!

Creative classification essay ideas?

I have to write a classification essay for my english class. My teacher gave us some ideas such as: study/ teaching habits, shoppers, music, diets etc. I know most of the students will do this, so I want to do something different. Any creative ideas? And please keep it school appropriate. Thanks in advance

What is a creative title for a persuasive essay about yoga?


Do music technologies stimulate new forms of creative practice, or just reuse old forms?

For an essay I have chosen this as my focus:In our day and age, this issue of reproduction challenges originality. Do available technologies stimulate new forms of creative practice, or merely the recirculation and reuse of older, existing forms. I need help talking about this topic and its:relationship to media and communication relationship to consumption, […]

Any ideas for a creative essay/short story?

I don’t particularly want to write a fantasy story, as my teahcer said the character has to make a ‘metaphorical journey’. Last year, I wrote about a girl who had lost everything in a war. I was thinking of writing about someone who was in a coma (by implying it, not actually saying they were […]

Ideas for a Creative Title?

I have a current event essay, and I have to make a Creative title for it, but I can’t think of a thing! I’m not creative at all.The topic is Soup Kitchen for dogsany ideas anyone?