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What are some subtopics i could talk about for recycling?

I am doing an argumentative essay on recycling and water pollution. Anyone have any tips on some different things I could talk about. Something big enough for a 10-20 sentence paragraph for each suptopic. Thanks =)

I can’t remember the name of a certain website… could you PLEASE help me?!?

It’s a website that uses wiki to write essays for you. I remember the background of it was green and the example topic was the civil war. i think i remember a big green button that says “GO” but im unsure. I can’t find it and it’s making me so mad! School starts tomorrow and […]

Im doing an essay on amsterdam do you know any sites or any information about amsterdam that could help me?

anything realytheenx!

Could you comment on this introduction to a college essay for Boston College?

All this is is an introduction. I haven’t edited it at all. Over the course of life, humans incessantly ascertain life lessons to have a better and more fulfilling existence. These lessons could span from toddlers learning to share their toys in order to make others just as happy as they are to adolescents and […]

Could I get help on this essay….please?

If you read the book then it would be awsome, if not you would learn. Ok, the very first sentence is the theme, and i need to know if everything else in the sentence is relevant to the theme.thanks13 Reasons Why The theme of the story is death will not resolve anything and to stop […]

Is there anyway a person could be tip off to a blog that is posted on 360′?

After posting a blog within minutes a person email me that she was the one who wrote the essay.could she be tipped off by the name of the blog?

Could you check my english answers for me?

15. The following sentence may have an error in grammar or usage. Parts of the sentence are underlined. Choose the underlined part of the sentence that contains an error. If there is no error, choose “no error.”If I was you, I would think twice before skipping this assignment.(Points: 3) was would think skipping no error

Could you give me b bunch of good transition words(to make AP english essay smooth: )?

all i use is “then”…to make my free-response essay more succinct i need to use sharp words and good direct transitions …it would be very helpful, because i can’t think of any at the moment..

Could you read my essay?

Hi I’m ESL student and I did an essay. I would like that you can read my essay and say if you understand, it does make sense,if It has the correct form of essay,etc.. this eesay is for my english class after read and watch a movie.thank you in advance.Novel and Movie analysis of A […]

I having trouble writing my thesis, could anyone help? Please?

I am writing an essay on how my wreck in Feb. of 2011 affected my life in a big way, I am writing on the location it happened (a highway) and how an event on that mile stretch of pavement changed my life. I need help with forming a thesis (if you can gather one […]