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Would this be considered plagiarism?

I am writing an essay on the bible and I read this essay about a similar topic. I was this quote I hadn’t seen before and would like to use it. I didn’t keep reading so I am not sure what the person said about the quote I would just like to use the quote. […]

Could Pip’s guilt be considered a motif in Great Expectations?

Could Pip’s guilt be referred to as a recurring motif in an essay, or is it more of a theme?

Could Organic Hegemony be considered a False Dichotomy?

I’m writing an essay on T.S. Eliot’s The Waste Land and it’s relation to tradition as part of maintaining hegemony, but I think I may have misunderstood the above terms. Could someone please let me know if it’s a viable statement or not, thx :3

Is it considered good writing to conclude English essays with a quote?

I think I remember my current high school English teacher telling me that I should stay away from ending with a quote, but according to several effective writing books, ending with a quote ‘ can add texture and specify your discussion’…..Is it considered good and commendable writing to end with a quote? (especially because conclusions […]

Could I be considered a weeaboo?

I just learned what the term was and I am kind of scared that I am one. .__. I am taking an online Japanese class for my high school foreign language. I mostly just picked that one because I thought it was going to be hard and I wanted a challenge. My class not only […]

What genre would Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange be considered?

I am writing an essay about the genre of clockwork and why it fits in this genre but I’m having some trouble picking out what specifically I want to call it, any suggestions?

What is considered a Reflective Essay?

What would you consider a Reflective essay? I need to write one for my Comp class and I’m just trying to get a good handle on what is expected. We were not given an assigned subject; it’s up to us as far as what we are writing about. Thanks.

What is your opinion of the idea that marriage is an institution that should still be considered sacred today?

What is you guy’s opinion on this? Writing an essay for english and I just wanna see everyone’s differe point of views. Thankks

Is this considered plagiarism ?

So im going around the internet to look for some notes because I have to write a summary of a book I am reading. If I look over some notes and add them in my essays is it plagiarism. Im not copying it word to word im just taking the idea of it because I […]

Is this considered an essay? CONFUSED?

The Stuffed animal that once meant a lot to me When I was a little girl , my choice of the perfect present would always have to be a cute stuffed animal . I absolutely loved stuffed animals, I found them so cute and I can always tell my secrets to them and I was […]