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Is it acceptable to consider Tyra Banks or Tina Turner in a Black History Month essay contest?

Absolutely! Although if I might make a recommendation:Tyra Banks has really furthered herself along in her career and has been giving back consistently since becoming a model. She has a camp devoted to teaching self esteem to teenage girls called “T-Zone”. I think all around, Tyra Banks would be a wonderful African American to do […]

Which of these would you consider Religious Genocides?

For my religion class I have to write an essay about religious genocides.The most obvious one is the holocaust but I would like to be able to give more examples and stuff to support my argument. I have some ideas but Im not quite sure what exactly counts as a genocide and also the difference […]

What do you consider to be some elements of self?

for one of my classes we are suppose to write a (short) essay on what we believe “self” to be based off of philosophers such as plat and aristotle. were suppose to include the 3 most important elements of self and i thought this essay was kinda cool and just wondering what anyone out there […]

Would you consider your pet(s) a family member or possession?

For an essay I am writing, I need data to back up my claim, so I need to create a statistic for this question.

Consider yourself as a house slave in Alabama in 1863.?

Need an essay for my project.Consider yourself as a house slave in Alabama in 1863.?You’ll need to consider experiences and behaviors, speech and actions. Consider name, age, family, religion and ethnicity (where not implicit). Other aspects include physical appearance, dress, jobs or duties, fears, values, likes and dislikes.. Be sure you identify clearly the who, […]

I have to write an essay.In which i consider the implications of Thoreau’s and Postman’s statements …?

as they relate to contemporary society..the teacher didnt give us any material never heard of these guys help please?

What would you consider to be a “well-written” work?

For ex. essays, articles, poems, speeches, ect.

Do you consider ‘indie’ to be a genre?

If anything it’s an adjective.Random Question: Ever gotten Orson Welles, Orson Scott Card, H.G. Wells, and George Orwell mixed up in your head? I totally wrote an English essay today in which I cited Orson Welles as the author of 1984.

I need help in starting an essay about a place that we consider a home?

like the title said, i need help in starting an essay about a place that we consider a home. i need really big words too. all i need help in is the first sentence/paragraph if you can. the place that i consider a home is a computer store/shop

Which colleges should I consider?

Currently a senior in high school:-94.33 weighted gpa-700 reading, 680 math, 760 writing on SAT (2140 total)-Rank 15th out 200 in my graduating class-9 APs in 3 years-Great essays, recommendations, and extracurriculars/volunteer work-First generation college studentSchools I’m look at include the University of Pennsylvania, Cornell, Boston University, Northeastern University, Binghamton, Stony Brook, Vassar, Colgate, and […]